Ceramic lecture hall: moisture is no longer afraid of learning a good way

Ceramic lecture hall: moisture is no longer afraid of learning a good way

The rainy weather in the past few days has caused the water in the air to increase dramatically. The home is full of water vapor and wet. Especially the ground and walls that are in direct contact with the ground, there is a shadow of the tiles everywhere. Therefore, the moisture-proof maintenance of ceramic tiles has become a top priority, and it is imperative. The ceramic lecture hall is a great way to create a comfortable and clean life for you.

1. Moisture brings three major hazards to tiles

Due to the nature of the material, ceramic tiles may be cracked and mildewed after being wet. Moisture is very harmful to tile panels and needs to be handled with care.

Hazard 1: breeding bacteria, mildew

The long-term humidity in the room is especially unfavorable for the maintenance of the tiles, and it also casts a shadow on human health. People living in a humid environment for a long time, easy to get rheumatism or make the original rheumatism patients worse. When the environment is wet, the mold will grow in large quantities, causing mildew of the tiles, which will affect the service life.

Hazard 2: The ground is wet and affects the appearance

With the recent surge in rain, the amount of water in the home air is gradually increasing, so it is particularly prone to wet ground in the living room. At the same time, the wet ground is also particularly easy to get rid of the dirty, the tile accidentally becomes a "face cat", not only affects the appearance, but also increases the cleaning power.

Hazard 3: Increase risk and affect mood

When the ground is wet, the friction of walking will be reduced, and the sole of the foot will be particularly slippery and fall. Especially the elderly and children at home, there is a danger of slipping when they are not paying attention. Not only that, the long-term wetness in the family will also affect the mood of the occupants, and the temper will easily become more violent and even increase the pressure.

2, tile moisture protection maintenance Raiders

★Open the window for a short time at noon, increase indoor ventilation, keep dry, and relieve moisture

When the wet back to the South, many people think that the home should close the doors and windows to prevent moisture from entering the home. Indeed, the humidity in the air is high in the morning and evening every day. If the doors and windows are not closed, the water vapor can easily enter the room.

However, since the warm air that comes back to the south is blown from the south, as long as the doors and windows facing south or southeast are closed, and the rainy days are encountered, the doors and windows in the upwind direction are closed as much as possible, and only the doors and windows in the downwind direction are opened. It can reduce water vapor entering the room. In addition, since the afternoon is a relatively dry climate during the day, we can choose to open the window at a noon to keep the air flowing and keep dry. When the weather turns fine, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water and reduce indoor water vapor.

★ Pay attention to daily maintenance and clean it properly

Even the best tile alumni, you need to pay attention to daily maintenance, especially in the wet season. In wet weather, the moisture on the tile surface should always be dried with a dry cloth and kept dry. Tile gaps can be removed with a toothbrush and a little decontamination paste, then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent in the gap. This not only prevents seepage, but also prevents mold growth.

Pay attention to controlling the water consumption during daily cleaning. Avoid excessive humidity. Do not use wet mop to mop directly. It is recommended to wring it out and then dry it until it is not dripping. For general stains, use a soft dry rag. If you have a stain that must be cleaned with water, you can wipe it once with a dry rag and immediately open the door and window to allow air to circulate and dry the tile.

★ Enter the door to change shoes, pay attention to personal hygiene

To prevent the tiles from getting wet, the first thing is to prevent moisture intrusion. And human activities are also a factor driving water, especially through the bottom of the human foot. Therefore, before entering the door, you should change the dry slippers or dry the moisture of the soles to avoid bringing the water vapor from the outside into the house.

At the same time, we must develop good habits at home and pay attention to personal hygiene. If you do not pour the waste water in the cup on the tile, go to the bathroom after the toilet, then go to the living room, etc., keep the tile in a dry state.

★ Focus on dehumidification, use homemade tools

The most convenient and quickest way to dehumidify is to use dehumidification appliances to help you. You can use the dehumidification function of air conditioners or a dehumidifier to easily keep your home dry and comfortable and extend the service life of tiles.

In addition, we can also make dehumidification tools. If you use a discarded newspaper and clothes pad at the entrance, drain the moisture from the soles of your feet. You can also put the newspaper on the tile, not only has a good water absorption effect, but also can slip and maintain the tile. Common dehumidification materials such as activated carbon, desiccant, lime, etc. can also be placed in all corners of the tile to absorb the moisture of the air and keep it dry.

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