5 yuan "hard hat", how can we keep safe?

5 yuan "hard hat", how can we keep safe?

Go down one foot, accompanied by a "bang" sound, the helmet was recessed into a pit. On June 17th, when the reporter supervised a company in the province with the security supervision department, he witnessed the frightening security risks of the 5 yuan inferior helmet. The law enforcement officers immediately pointed out: "If you wear such a helmet, if there is a heavy object falling, your life will not be guaranteed. It is a serious irresponsibility for the lives of employees!"

What is a 5 yuan inferior helmet? The reporter saw that the law enforcement personnel, together with the media personnel, had a safety helmet with 8 helmets and the inner net of 5 helmets had fallen off. There is no safety sign on the helmet, there is no cushion inside the hat, only plastic lining. These trademarks are "mighty" yellow safety helmets. They have neither the inspection certificate issued by the State Quality Supervision Department nor the permanent marks stipulated by the state: standard number, production date, etc.

According to the on-site investigation, the company's 64 inferior helmets cost only 350 yuan. Among them, 10 were bought on November 1, 2013, and each was 8 yuan; on March 18, April 1, and April 28, 54 were purchased three times, each at 5 yuan. Law enforcement officers found this batch of 5 yuan "hard hat."

Safety supervision and law enforcement personnel introduced that the market price of standard safety helmets is basically around 30 yuan, and the price of 5 yuan is not enough even for standard helmets. These low-cost helmets are all inferior and do not provide protection. They are likely to become "captive caps." So hard hat can bear the heavy task of protecting life?

Normally, helmets are the last barrier for workers when they are in a critical situation. Surveys have shown that if the helmet is properly worn, the incidence of head injury can be reduced by 70%. However, these poor quality helmets are "three non-products," and may even fall apart in the event of an impact. Because of the quality of the helmets, accidents that lead to worker injuries occur from time to time. On April 26 this year, at a construction site in Mafangshan, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, a female construction worker fell from a wooden frame that was nearly 1 meter high. The head of his helmet was broken on the spot and his head was injured. .

Small helmets are related to the safety of workers' heads and even their lives. According to reports, China's production of helmets is subject to license management, and GB2811-2007 national standards for hard hats stipulate that a qualified helmet must pass 50°C high temperature, -10°C low temperature, and impact resistance in water environment. Testing. In addition to the standard number and the name of the manufacturer, the helmet must have the date of manufacture and the product name, as well as the special technical performance of the helmet. Must also have quality standards and AQ safety signs, coal mine safety helmets must have MA safety signs.

In order to save costs, the poor quality helmets are used by workers, and hidden accidents are hidden. The "RMB 5" "safety helmet" sounded a warning bell for safe production. It should arouse the attention of relevant departments and enterprises and must not allow poor quality helmets to appear on the workers.

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