In the summer, the wooden floor should be "sweet"

In the summer, the wooden floor should be "sweet"

The weather is slowly getting hotter, and the use of air conditioners is becoming more and more frequent. The constant changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures are a serious test for the floor. So what are the points for the maintenance of summer floors?

First, the direct sunlight should be avoided, because long-term exposure will affect the service life of the wooden floor. In addition, the heat source should be kept away from the wooden floor, and the air conditioning vent should not be blown against the wooden floor to avoid the huge temperature difference causing the furniture to crack and deform.

Second, the summer temperature is high, people are prone to sweating, to avoid human sweat directly contact the surface of the wooden floor, because sweat will cause some erosion on the wooden floor.

Third, you should always use a soft moist rag to wipe, and you should wipe along the texture, or wrap the walnuts with gauze, and then wipe the wood texture to play the role of glazing.

4. In the high temperature state, the moisture inside the wood is easily volatilized, causing the floor to shrink, so that the gap at the floor joint is widened, which will seriously cause the floor of the floor to detach and crack. Therefore, when using it in summer, pay attention to waterproof. Keep the ventilation distance near the wall of the outer wall and the bathroom. When scrubbing, wipe it with a wrung wet towel to avoid scratching the paint.

Oriented Strand Boards or OSBs are engineered wood panels where rectangular wood stands are arranged in cross oriented layers and binded together with resin.

Luli Group Co., Ltd, has the capability and capacity to produce High Quality OSB yet with competitive pricing. It is the result from the huge investment into latest cutting edge technology from Germany – the world leader in technology, engineering and innovation. Capitalizing on such advancement, Luli Group OSB R&D team continues to develop and design OSB with wider application, higher usability and marketability without neglecting the importance to be environmental friendly.

Advantages of OSB:

These greener options to Plywood are moisture resistant, have high load capacities and are customizable to different sizes, thickness and shapes.Uses of OSB:

OSB is a material with favorable mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction. The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, Flooring, and roof decking.  OSB also sees some use in furniture production.

The details of OSB:

1. Sizes: 1220mm x 2440mm(Standard Size), 1250mm x 2500mm or according to customer`s request.

2. Thickness: From 6mm to 20mm.

3. Materials: Poplar, Pine or combination according to customer`s request.

4. Glue: MR, Melamine glue, WBP, MDI

5. Density: About 600kg to 650kg

6. Grade: Packing , construction and furniture,etc.



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