Wear protective tools to prevent occupational diseases

Wear protective tools to prevent occupational diseases

Wuhu City Health Supervision Center Zhongda Electronics Luhu Co., Ltd. held a publicity week with the theme of “Prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and happiness, 10 million homes”. It mainly focused on employing units and workers to carry out the Occupational Disease Prevention Law, occupational disease prevention knowledge, and emergency response. Drill publicity and education.

10 occupational disease inspection agencies throughout the city

"Now many people do not know enough about occupational diseases and what common occupational diseases are unclear." Li Kechang of the Municipal Health Supervision Office told the reporter that there are a total of 10 categories of statutory occupational diseases and 115 types of diseases. Wuhu City now has more pneumoconiosis. disease. The specific manifestations include four major symptoms of cough, expectoration, chest pain and dyspnea. In addition, some patients have wheezing, hemoptysis and some systemic symptoms.

According to reports, occupational diseases are generally prone to occur in mining, furniture manufacturing, casting and other enterprises. The practitioners must wear dust masks during the work process and regularly perform health checks. At present, Jiangcheng has a total of 10 qualified inspection agencies. There are six hospitals in the urban area, five hospitals, six hospitals (Red Cross Hospital), Peace Hospital, Renji Orthopaedics Hospital, and the CDC. Workers can choose nearby.

Protective tools must be worn

Li Kechang told reporters that the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases have requirements for both sides of the labor relationship. On the one hand, companies should earnestly perform their legal responsibilities. On the other hand, workers must also increase their awareness of safety. The protective tools configured for the enterprise must be used during the work process, and must not be discarded because they are not used to it.

The reporter saw that in each production workshop of Zhongda Electronics, there is more than one temperature and humidity detection electronic signboard, real-time detection of the temperature, humidity and noise index in the workshop. The employees on the production line are equipped with appropriate protective tools. Employee Huang Xianjun said: "This is absolutely essential for daily work, like safety shoes, safety glasses, earplugs, masks, fingertips, gloves, etc. Take safety shoes for example, you can protect your toe safety and prevent hard. Piercing and non-slip, the effect is not small."

Chemical spill emergency drill

At 10:30 in the morning, a chemical spill emergency drill was also held to increase the awareness of enterprise workers in occupational disease prevention and emergency response.

In the Zhongda Electronic Solvent Chamber, two warehouse controllers leaked when carrying the solvent of chemicals. A warehouse manager's eyes splashed with solvents. The other warehouse manager immediately sent information to the supervisor to bring the injured person into emergency. Rushing room treatment. The supervisor arrived at the scene of the incident and the evacuation personnel set up alert.

At the same time, the firefighting team and the ambulance team are in place to put on fire fighting suits and chemical protective clothing to handle the disaster site and prevent secondary disasters. Two ambulancemen wearing chemical protective clothing, mutual inspection, pushing emergency emergency vehicles into the site, using acid socks to control the spread of the solvent, after use into the hazardous waste disposal bag, sent to the hazardous waste temporary storage area . The entire process must not allow contaminants to contaminate the skin and prevent secondary damage. The on-site processing was completed. The supervisor convened the personnel to count the number of people and disarmed after understanding the situation. The entire drill process was successfully completed according to the booking process.

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