Near net forming ability of steel-copper alloy bimetal sliding bearing

Near net forming ability of steel-copper alloy bimetal sliding bearing

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Near net forming ability of steel-copper alloy bimetal sliding bearing

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Hu Changan Patent Skilled Person 3/31/2012
Foreword sliding bearing; is used to support the shaft and accept the load on the shaft; usually made of wear-resistant materials. Metal sliding bearing; its layout is single metal; two or more layers of composite multilayer metal bearing; with: layout Brief; volume. Recovery awards 恪 3. Killing mirrors stop 胍舻 Ting (16) 龋 龋 龋 Ω Ω Ω 植 植 植 植 植 植 植 植 植 Ω 植 植 植 植 Ω Ω Ω Ω 泄 5 泄 泄 泄 泄 泄 泄 泄ぷ饔 ぷ饔 琶芮 琶芮 叵 髦 髦 髦 髦 髦 τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ τ 梅 梅 梅 梅 梅 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 薮 滑动 滑动 滑动 滑动 滑动 滑动:
.1) bimetallic radial plain bearings,
.2) bimetallic radial plus thrust integrated sliding bearing,
.3) bimetallic axial thrust sliding bearings,
.4) Sliding bearings of bimetal special shape,
.5) Five categories of bimetallic solid smooth sliding bearings.
1Preparation of existing sintered bimetallic sliding bearing technology Brief introduction of steel-copper metal composite bearing bush material, bushing, thrust bearing ring, thrust bushing; current; domestic and foreign companies including wholly-owned and joint ventures established in China These products are mainly made by powder sintering method; powder sintering method is selected; metal composite bearing materials are first produced; strip material and tape data are available; whether the material is selected; the bearing parts are to be made; It is necessary to use different bearing products for the metal composite bearing data; carry out special cutting deep processing to complete the whole process of production such as bearing bush, bushing, thrust bearing ring, thrust bushing, etc. This traditional data Remove the processing method; not only the data utilization rate is low (40 to 65%); it also costs cutting equipment and tooling molds, labor, labor, materials, and equipment; this is obviously caused by traditional blank forming skills. The disadvantages are extremely incompatible with today's policy requirements for energy saving, energy saving, and building a metal-saving society.
2Insufficient non-cutting steel-copper alloy sintered bimetallic sliding bearing with independent intellectual property rights In order to save precious copper resources; we have tried the sintering pendulum process since 1986; we have produced the industry's first near-net forming metal compound Data bearing parts (bimetallic thrust bearing disc; steel instead of more than 98% of the original parts of copper alloy); this skill in 1988 to "reduction of friction bearing composite materials production process"; the author applied for a Chinese invention patent The project was listed in 1991 as: National Torch Program [1]; Beijing Serious Science and Technology Achievements Project [2].
After more than 20 years of efforts to select the sintering pendulum method; completed the transformation of the various types of sintered bimetal sliding bearing production skills; by 2012; all realized from the data to the bimetallic sliding bearing less cutting Production.
The products of the non-cutting and sintered bimetal sliding bearing with independent intellectual property rights are:
.1) Bimetallic radial plain bearings (all bushings, bushings, net shape parts)
.2) Bimetallic thrust sliding bearing, (thrust bearing disc, ring, piece near net shape parts)
.3) Bimetallic radial plus thrust integrated sliding bearing, (full round flanged thrust bushing near net shape parts)
.4) Bimetal special-shaped plain bearings, (concave-convex V-shaped, semi-circular concave spherical shape, irregular shape, super-large scale)
.5) Five kinds of bimetallic solid smooth sliding bearings (oil-free smooth type) and other five categories.
3 Near net forming skills Near net forming skills, Near Net Shape, less cutting and fine forming skills; refers to parts after forming; only a small amount of processing or no processing; can be used as direct mounting of mechanical parts Forming skills used. We use near net forming skills:
.1) A new model for the production of sintered metal composite bearing materials and products was created. In the operation of mechanical general-purpose parts, China has completed the pre-history of decades of consistent production in this production category.
.2) Filling the steel net copper alloy sintered bimetal sliding bearing product near net shape (Near Net Shape) production vacancy.
.3) The benefits of social and economic skills are obvious:
1) The utilization rate of product data has reached nearly 100%; many have saved copper alloy data and steel and steel strip and other colored and ferrous metal data resources.
2) 2 sets of the primary equipment for the production; provincial machine tools, provincial labor, and floor space. 馊チ 圆 牧 牧 罅 罅 们 们 们 们 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 捌渌 撸 撸 撸 撸 撸 撸 撸 骄 骄 骄 骄 骄な pen 2? 7 seconds / piece.
3) Handling some special products such as ultra-thick steel back, profiled, and super-large-scale bimetal bearing parts and materials, industrial heavy-duty processing of parts.
4) No pollution to the environment.
5) The 12th Five-Year Plan that fits the mechanical basics; it is one of the development directions of the industry.
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