Common five types of pollution-free pesticides

Common five types of pollution-free pesticides

The term “no pollution” has been ingrained in the hearts of ordinary people. What are the common pollution-free pesticides? In addition to the biological pesticides often mentioned in Xiaobian? Today Xiaobian simply summarizes five common pollution-free pesticides as follows:

Biological pesticides and biological pesticides have special effects on pests and are highly safe pesticides. They are characterized by high efficiency, low toxicity, no residue and slow resistance. Such as bacterial insecticide BT (Bacillus thuringiensis microbial insecticide), avermectin; ginseng plant insecticide; fungal insecticide (B. albicans); insect virus insecticide and insect pheromone (such as sex Lure).

The modern concept of plant-derived pesticides is plant extracts (such as azadirachtin and scutellarin) that have specific effects on pests such as refusal to eat, repel, hinder development, and interfere with reproduction.

Insect growth regulators can control the peeling of pests, interfere with development, and are harmless to humans and higher animals, have little impact on natural enemies, and are environmentally safe. For example, Yitaibao, diflubenzuron, and chlorpyrifos have been widely used, and new varieties such as chlortetracycline and rice are also being promoted.

New antibiotics such as spinosad-resistant vegetable pests are highly efficient and quick-acting, but they are safe for humans and higher animals, and have a short safety interval, making them ideal for use in vegetable fields.

Efficient and selective agents such as carbamates are highly effective against aphids (with triple action of contact, stomach, and fumigation), no damage to other organisms, and short residual period, safe for crops and natural enemies. It is an ideal agent for producing pollution-free vegetables and maintaining the ecological balance of vegetable fields.

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