Flooring industry opens up new channels for “gold rush”

Flooring industry opens up new channels for “gold rush”

Flooring industry opens up new channels for “gold rush”

The vision of the flooring company is to rely on market forces to carry forward the brand, make it bigger and stronger, and then realize profitability. The idea of ​​the floor distributor is to rely on the company and eager to earn more benefits. The two are not in conflict. The common ideal brings these two kinds of people together. Flooring companies and distributors hope to make the market bigger and bigger. After a period of market precipitation and investigation, dealers will find that their own area is not large enough or they still exist. Some factors constrain development. At this time, they are even more eager to expand their development channels and achieve profitability by opening up wider channels.

Today, the Internet "invades" people's lives. Regardless of the age of men, women and children, almost everyone has an online social life, and in this area, e-commerce is also derived from this field. Many flooring companies have begun to enter the field of electronic commerce in the floor, and many dealers have also “tested for water” and are eager to open up online sales channels to increase the sales of floor products.

Compared with the “tall” of first-tier cities, consumers in second-tier and third-tier cities tend to be more cost-effective and cost-effective. For them, it is a high evaluation of a product, especially long-term products such as home-improvement products. Maintain an absolutely discerning heart. Some dealers have made a retreat after observing this phenomenon after making the decision to sink channels. They believe that their brands are high-end and have excellent product quality, and they are even exported to foreign countries. If they reduce the price, they can realize the expansion of channels. , then this is not feasible, even its own brand image will be greatly reduced.

In fact, this concern is normal, but floor distributors should always remember “intensive farming” in the direction of the development of channels, and work slowly and carefully. Under the sharpening of the market, they learn how to cleverly maintain the price space. This is a trend. Imperative. The development of flooring products in the field of e-commerce, you can choose to slowly penetrate, from the point and the face of the way, in the product quality is guaranteed at the same time, the establishment of a more comprehensive service system, a reasonable control of price and consumer psychology "defect relationship" Instead of mass promotion and promotion, after all, for consumers, they need an adaptive process. Through this process, they discover the advantages of flooring products, and clearly understand the benefits of online shopping flooring products. This is called “price to price ratio. "Say it. For the dealers who are preparing to channel down to the second and third tier cities, they have some reference significance.

Looking at the overall situation of the flooring industry, everything is changing, whether it is people or channels. The reform of channels can be adjusted and tested by the floor companies themselves in the strategic planning for future development. However, changes in consumer groups and consumer psychology are in an unpredictable state.

How to adapt to this change, so that the brand gradually grounding gas, dealers in the first-tier cities and second and third tier cities to expand channels, should be carefully considered. In the second and third tier cities, the fight for the ups and downs of the floor is still underway. Dealers must base themselves on the actual situation of the market and the region, peek into essential issues, and maintain the momentum of advancing the difficulties and formulate scientific and effective development strategies.

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