Curtain fabrics become the new force of home textiles

Curtain fabrics become the new force of home textiles

Recently, China Household Textile Industry Association released the 2013/2014 China Home Textile Industry Development Report. It clearly pointed out that the curtain fabric industry has become a new bright spot in the home textile industry, becoming a new engine for industrial upgrading and becoming a new landscape for beautifying the lifestyle.

Yang Zhaohua, president of China Household Textile Industry Association, pointed out: "After 30 years of pioneering and management, fabrics are at the forefront of overall home textiles in terms of industrial transformation, quality improvement and efficiency, in terms of design, channels, brands, and fashion. Established a model."

Indeed, the data shows that in 2013, the output value of fabrics reached 200 billion yuan, of which the export value was 52 billion yuan, and the domestic sales value was 148 billion yuan. The national fabric fabric manufacturers had about 130,000 looms and more than 7,000 knitting machines. The annual output of various types of woven fabrics is 9 billion meters and knitted fabrics are 800,000 tons. The profitability of curtain fabric enterprises is at the forefront of the home textile industry. The brand realizes higher-level development through transformation and upgrading, and constructs a modern curtain fabric industry pattern with large industrial scale, high technical content, good quality and good efficiency, comprehensive strength and sufficient development potential.

Nowadays, under the background of “new normal”, the curtain fabric industry is entering the brand era. Through the establishment and promotion of the brand, the market share and influence of the fabric backbone enterprises are continuously improved, and the development mode of the cloth industry is also reduced in scale and cost. The advantage is transformed into the advantage of science and technology and famous products, gradually improving the value connotation of independent brands, and gradually forming a group of international brands of home textile fabrics. The "new normal" faced by the development of curtain fabric industry requires that enterprise brands must firmly grasp the important historical opportunities of promoting technological innovation and implementing innovation-driven development strategies, completely removing institutional and institutional obstacles, continuously enhancing independent innovation capabilities, and maximizing liberation and stimulation. The enormous potential of science and technology as the primary productive force.

In the next step, under the overall atmosphere of independent innovation in the whole industry, the whole industry should further enhance the R&D and innovation of the inner and outer appearance of fabric products, realize the leap from imitation to independent innovation, and promote product differentiation, channel differentiation and brand segmentation. Development pattern. At the same time, strengthen the combination of production, education and research, upstream and downstream linkage, focus on the development of new technologies such as flame retardant, UV protection, shading, antistatic, etc., improve the level of production automation and intelligence in the industry, promote the integration of information and industrialization, and use the Internet, Internet of Things, and the cloud. Calculate and other information technologies to promote the coordinated development of the fabric industry's R&D, production, distribution and marketing models, and promote the effective improvement of production efficiency. In the construction of export channels, we actively carry out industry diplomacy through exhibitions, international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the pace of going global, promote the competitiveness of the industry through channel construction and expansion, continuously consolidate market share, and achieve rapid development of industrial economy.

It can be foreseen that the development of the curtain industry in the future will inevitably lead to the integration of a wave of high waves. The integration of resources, channel integration, brand integration, and after-sales service integration will be a beautiful landscape that will emerge in the industry. In the future, the curtain fabric market is a market that wins by brand. Enterprises with brand recognition and reputation must be innovative enterprises and a new fabric enterprise that is good at integrating various resources.

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