A wide variety of paint markets

A wide variety of paint markets

A wide variety of paint markets

Closed lacquer, open lacquer... If you visit the wood furniture market, these terms may be familiar. Looking at the smooth surface of the furniture, listening to the purchase of "this paint environmental protection," "this paint is more and more bright," and other propaganda, we are also guilty of: "What is the performance of these paints?" Experts will interpret it for you.

Mixed oil

A paint commonly used in furniture. In terms of performance, there are no problems as long as it meets national standards. However, there are shopping guides told reporters that the use of mixed oil needs to putty on the furniture surface, otherwise not environmentally friendly.

However, Luo Yu introduced that putty is to maintain the flatness of furniture. The environmental protection of the product is not related to whether it is scraped or not. Generally, there is no problem with the environmental protection of qualified products. It should be noted that the bright colors of the oil-contaminated furniture may have the problem of excessive heavy metals.


A kind of solvent-based paint, characterized by rapid volatilization, good construction, is the more common paint used in wood furniture. The vocabulary in the solvent will quickly evaporate with the drying of the paint. Qualified products have little harm. Luo Wei, executive deputy director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that some manufacturers have to carry out the next process when the paint is not dry in order to increase the processing speed, which may lead to the voc Not exhausted.

Water-soluble paint

Due to low adhesion, slow drying, and difficult construction, this paint is not used in wood furniture. However, a brand of furniture shopping guide said that this paint is more environmentally friendly than other paint. Luo Xin said that the environmental protection of water-soluble paint is indeed very high, but its wear resistance, anti-fouling performance is relatively weak.

A solid wood furniture shopping guide told reporters that the use of its furniture is hand paint, after seven treatment, but also the more brighter rub. Luo Yu introduced that hand paint is also called lacquer, which is generally vegetable oil. It is mostly used in mahogany furniture. It is indeed used more brightly, but this method is relatively rare in ordinary wood furniture. In addition, some people have allergic reactions to lacquer.

Open hole paint, closed paint

Hole-opening paint is the pit that still leaves wood after painting; the opposite is true for closed paint, which completely seals the pit. This is a common appearance effect of wooden furniture. Both of these paints are the same as other paints in terms of environmental protection and usability.

Hand paint, wood wax oil

This is a new product that has emerged this year. Many sellers on Taobao and other shopping sites sell such products and claim natural and environmental protection. However, Luo Hao said that at present, they have not carried out any tests related to wood wax oil furniture. He is skeptical about the surface wear resistance, stain resistance and fullness of these products.

Environmental protection and practical choice

In order to pursue the original ecology, some consumers choose the surface without any oiled furniture. Luo Hao reminded that such furniture is extremely poor in stain resistance. Once it is stained with stains, it cannot be removed and wear resistance is not good. Consumers should fully consider when purchasing.

The reporter also saw in the market that certain brands claimed that their furniture was coated with shell oil and had excellent environmental performance. However, Luo Hao said that in recent years there are many products that are similar to the concept of environmental protection. Because there is no in-depth study, he cannot judge his performance. However, he said that once the furniture is painted, the paint is beautiful, and secondly, with the protection of the paint, the furniture will be less affected by the environment, and the wear-resistance and anti-fouling performance of the surface will be greatly enhanced.

If consumers choose the so-called more environmentally friendly shell oil, wood wax oil, etc., it must sacrifice some of the use of features. In addition, whether these oils will be reduced with daily cleaning are issues that need to be considered.

Right to write a contract

The new products are clustered, and have not yet been included in the testing standards. Once disputes arise, how do you safeguard the rights? Promptly, the promises of the merchants are best implemented literally or embodied in the furniture instructions. If there are no national or industry standards, then the implementation of corporate standards or technical requirements should also be noted, this can be used as the basis for future testing.

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