Guerrilla shop: the new strategy of furniture stores

Guerrilla shop: the new strategy of furniture stores

Take a shot for a place; you can sweep but you can't play, and Chairman Mao, his old man, these classic guerrilla strategies are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In "Authentic Warfare", there are various tricks in each village. In the case of the enemy and the weak, the guerrilla warfare is the most effective method. It is necessary to maintain combat effectiveness according to local conditions, in order to win one victory after another.

Merchants who have never read military books are definitely not good businessmen. This guerrilla strategy has an absolute guiding role in opening a store to do business. Commercial warfare is like a war, and the degree of white-hot is not bad. If you fight it, you will either fill it up or fill it with a coffin. If you take the time to leave, the mall will not give you the time to say goodbye. The next one is lined up. The team. In the various stores that do business in the store. The home goods store itself is a niche, coupled with the rising land prices, which increases the difficulty of operation. As a result, guerrilla strategy has become a business strategy they may wish to try. In the industry, this is called “pop up shop”. It is called the flash shop in foreign countries. It is a product that responded to the economic crisis. The import was immediately replaced by the nickname “guerrilla shop”.

The characteristics of the guerrilla shop show are short time, variable position, and most of the choices are low prices, some places that are partial. Not taking the usual path is a major feature of it. Jenny, who runs 100percent on Shanghai Wuyuan Road, closed at the beginning of the year. The landlord wants to raise the price, and the owner wants to find a bigger place. It has not been connected for a while, and it has been renovated for a while. 100percent is a home-made store that sells original designs. There are chandeliers and sofas. Each piece has a designer background, so Jenny wants to find a house with a yard to arrange it. However, we must know that the shop on Shanghai Beach is basically a sky-high price. If it is not good, it will become a landlord to work, and even a pocket money can not be earned. In the days of finding the right store, Jenny first opened a guerrilla shop in a friend's shop. She moved the inventory out and placed it in her home. The old customers who had accumulated before deliberately went to visit the door. Jenny also did a lot of customer surveys and started to try the resident activities. I invited Chinese medicine practitioners and perfume makers to talk about some life topics. In the case of low rent pressure, on the one hand, the inventory is eliminated, and the area is experienced, and at the same time, it also gives yourself a lot of time to find the right store.

In addition to being a good strategy for low-resistance and high rent, the guerrilla shop can also play the role of an experimental field. It can help the store owner to test out what goods are in the consumer and find a more accurate positioning. After the promotion of the lifestyle of the past ten years, Shanghai’s “Zhongjiang Service Guide” finally opened its first physical store “Shenhu Pavilion”, which specializes in various design products, such as radiation home and stationery, and the Chinese version of Monocle. ", and hope that Eslite will seize the beach. "Shenhu Pavilion" started as a guerrilla shop. In the spring of 2011, it was put into trial operation in the Xiaoyang Building of Sinan Mansion, and it was closed after three months. When the official store opened in Beijing Road in October, the original satin attire has disappeared. It turns out that Xiaoqing and the ladies have never met, and no one wants to try on a halter dress in front of a pile of cups and wood. Plus, there is a fitting room for clothing, and it takes a lot of money to take up three squares.

Although e-commerce has a relatively large impact on traditional retail businesses, department stores and shopping malls still occupy the mainstream business circle. The household goods that have been spinning around in the periphery dreamed of being able to open a shop in the beach. But those IF Red Dot Awards and Philippe Starck's classic design are still to be considered. Last year, the organizer of Shanghai Fashion Home Show held a one-week ilcstore in the atrium of Metro City, 130 square meters from induction cooker to bone china tableware, some small European brands are not even in China. I want to be here first. Try the water. Look at the gold on the beach. A few families have been happy for a week, and there are a lot of things to do when they enter the mall.

But no matter how trendy the guerrilla shop is, it is always a stage in the business process. It is not the ultimate goal of the home store. In the history of the guerrilla shop, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have written a glorious chapter, but these giants have not carried the game to the end. In the winter of 2008, Louis Vuitton opened a guerrilla shop in Tokyo to showcase their Commies Garcons cooperation products, but after a brief fate, everyone still had their own days. LV chose Ginza, and Kawakubo was playing cross-border games at Omotesando. GOOD DESIGN SHOP was sold, while the classic styles of Commo des Garcons were sold, while D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT's life groceries were on the other.

100percernt's Jenny continued the guerrilla store strategy this summer. The second stop chose the Shanghai-based Fuxing Road store and united a bunch of designers to take the concept of a Chinese market. The Shenhuo Pavilion is also looking for a store that can be opened in the mall. In order to improve the hit rate, the test was conducted at the Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza and the CITIC Taifu Road guerrilla shop on Sichuan Road. Home shop owners know that the future is bright, but the tortuous road must go. In the "Authentic Warfare", the militia squad Gao Baobao went through a night of hard work, and at the dawn of his time, he was only able to open his mouth, and the book that counted his reward and reward was "On the Protracted War."

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