Fabric magician Xia Ye home decoration new trend

Fabric magician Xia Ye home decoration new trend

Into the studio of Xia Ye's teacher, you can see all kinds of fabric pendants like beating elves, making the whole work full of fun.

(Mr. Xia Ye)

Reporter Bei Fan: I met again, Teacher Xia Ye. I think your studio is doing a good job and it doesn't take much effort.

Teacher Xia Ye: Yes, this is both my job and my hobby. Of course, I will spend a lot of energy on the studio.

Reporter Bei Fan: Teacher Xia Ye, apart from your studio, I went to visit a lot of friends and found a very interesting phenomenon. It is the energy and money spent on the soft decoration in the later period, which is often more than the previous hard decoration, and even several times. Just as many friends visit other people's new homes, in addition to asking how much money the decoration costs, they will definitely ask questions, these accessories do not cost less. Teacher Xia Ye, is this the new trend of home decoration today?

Teacher Xia Ye: Yes, nowadays people's living standards and decoration tastes are improving. More and more people put forward the slogan of “light decoration and heavy decoration”. People pay more attention to the artistry, variability, participation, and interaction of space. As the owner of a house, you can adjust the soft decoration in the room with mood or season to achieve different home decoration styles. And to achieve such an effect through hard work, cost and time are unimaginable.

Reporter Bei Fan: I agree with Mr. Xia Ye’s point of view. Take the Beijing Home Expo, the proportion of fabric soft clothing has been greatly improved every time. I think this also reflects the increasing demand for the fabric softwear market. Teacher Xia Ye, how long do you think the trend of “re-decoration” will last?

Teacher Xia Ye: In today's society where modern industrial civilization is cold and shocked, fabric soft clothing can create a warm and harmonious living environment and can comfort people's mind after high-intensity work. I think that if the rhythm of fast-paced and high-pressure urban life remains the same, the fabric soft wear will only become more and more popular.

Reporter Beifan: Yes, just like I walked into your studio, the warm-faced curtains, the table flag of floral flowers, and the small pendants that are dotted around the lovely and full of fun, let me be scared by your neighbor’s big dog. The restless heart is soothing and pleasant.

(Mr. Summer’s studio)

Teacher Xia Ye: Haha, you are laughing.

Reporter: The original intention of the summer teacher to create the "face magic" brand is because of the big cake in the fabric soft market?

Teacher Xia Ye: Not only that. I hope to see more people willing to design and dress up their own living space. Promote the general awakening of social aesthetic consciousness. This will not only provide more markets, but also provide designers with more new and interesting design ideas. Promoting the development of home culture is also the duty and responsibility of every designer.

Be aware that the top fabrics used by designers are not commercially available for retail sale. The "face magic" was created to meet the needs of high-quality customers and designers.

Reporter: Teacher Xia Ye, you just said that the "face magic" is mainly high-quality fabrics. As we all know, high quality often means high prices. Does this deviate from what you call the general awakening and growth of social aesthetic awareness?

Teacher Xia Ye: My friends who know me know that I also run the brand “Ai Mijia Handmade”. At Amy's, we use the professional embroidery thread of Egypt's top cotton, Korean soft felt cloth, Japanese cotton linen, Czech decorative beads, exclusive custom-made velvet through European quality testing, and even the beads of accessories are imported. We are doing our best to collect the best materials in the world, but our prices have been maintained at the same level in the industry. The same is true for “Face of the Face”, and customers can buy the fabric they use only at the price of a luxury fabric.

Reporter: Listening to the teacher Xia Ye said, the "face magic" will bring us a lot of surprises like Amy's?

Teacher Xia Ye: Yes, the surprise of “Face of the Face” will not only be the material, craftsmanship and texture that far exceed the top fabrics in the same industry in China. There are also ancillary services that we can provide. Including the fabric matching suggestions provided by European designers and the WeChat subscription number "Xia Ye Private Enjoyment" that I am doing will also teach you to do the finished fabrics.

Reporter: Teacher Xia said that I am also full of expectations for the "face magic". When did the "face magic" begin to officially open?

Teacher Xia Ye: On May 9 this year, we will open on Taobao.com. The choice of Taobao is because the "face magic" should let more people understand and understand our ideas and brands with a more intimate attitude.

Reporter: It is a great honor to hear Mr. Xia Ye’s new story about home decoration and explain the reasons for its development so that more people can understand the soft decoration of the fabric. And you can buy the top fabrics from Europe through the "Face of the Face" Taobao shop, and enjoy more supporting services.

Teacher Xia Ye: You are kind, this is what I should do.

Guest introduction:

Xia Ye is a native of Jinan and lives in Beijing.

Original taste forum manual area moderator

Now a columnist of the Chinese Handmade magazine,

Associate Editor of "Pomelo Handmade" magazine,

"Hands together" portal hand-painted column teacher.

He is good at combining various techniques such as hand-painting, embroidery, crocheting and patchwork, and a variety of fabrics.

Now a full-time soft assembly designer, handmade fabric designer, hand-painted illustrator, senior manual writer.

He is currently the Design Director of Wanyu Jixiang Art Decoration (Beijing) Co., Ltd., writing columns for many publications.

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