Can Quinoxaline be used for weeding in peony?

Can Quinoxaline be used for weeding in peony?

Recently, a small number of pesticides have found that many farmers’ uncles are concerned about the use of quizaloxin for peony weeding? It is well known that quizalofop is suitable for broad-leaf turf fields. Understand the role of quizalofol in the peony field weeding before understanding the role of quizalofop-ping:

Refined grass is an improved product after removal of inactive optical isomers during the synthesis of grasses. Its mechanism of action and herbicidal spectrum are similar to those of grasses. Through the absorption of weed stems and leaves, it is bidirectionally transmitted upwards and downwards in plants, accumulating at the apex and intervening, inhibiting cell fatty acid synthesis and necrosis of weeds. Jinghecao is a highly selective new dryland stem and leaf treatment agent with high selectivity between grass weeds and dicotyledonous crops, and good control of grass weeds in broadleaf crop fields. . Jinghecaike has a faster action rate and is more stable in medicine, and is not susceptible to environmental conditions such as rain temperature and humidity.

Quinoxaline can be used in soybeans, beets, canola, potatoes, flax, peas, broad beans, tobacco, watermelon, cotton, peanuts, broad-leaved vegetables and other crops and fruit trees, forestry nurseries, young forest tending, alfalfa and so on. Cannot be used for peony.

The answer is no, fine quizalofopin can not be used for weeding in peony.

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