Decoration and decoration materials: the main points of bathroom tile design

Decoration and decoration materials: the main points of bathroom tile design

Pay attention to the slip resistance of the tile

The anti-slip property of the bathroom is very important, especially when there are old people and children at home, the matt brick has the concave and convex feeling of natural rock, suitable for wet environment and excellent anti-slip property.

Wall tiles can be selected as large tiles

Easy to clean and keep dry, there are many tiles for the bathroom. For Nobel tiles, there are 25 series of wall tiles, 45 series of wall tiles, 63 series of wall tiles and unique colorful series, Sai Shang Impression series.

The waist line should be matched overall

Use the waistline to enhance the viewing. You can choose the horizontal and vertical waistline according to the overall matching effect. The pattern of the waistline and the color of the tile should be coordinated. Generally speaking, the waistline and the tile in the bathroom are both It is better to use a plain pattern.

Paving design according to preferences

In the paving design, according to the owner's preference, the traditional method of breaking the plain color or the light color in the middle of the waist line should not be limited by the matching element bricks. For flexible matching, such as the waist line, you can consider the vertical stickers, or you can use the matching element bricks and other series of tiles to match, these alternative stickers can reflect the owner's taste or pursue an avant-garde, fashionable lifestyle.

Master and guest respectively design

The main guard and the guest guard also have great differences in design and decoration due to different functions. The guest tile has a clear and atmospheric style to make the space clear, so the choice of tiles is to choose the light series. To create a simple and bright atmosphere, you can choose the ultra-white series, which is not only excellent in finish but also easy to clean. The main guard is used by the owner to emphasize the comfort and to reflect the master's taste.

The combination of floor tiles and wall tiles should be

From the overall consideration, the floor tiles and the wall tiles should be harmonious, and can be changed on the collage method and other alternative tiles, or partially combined with other materials. This space is both holistic and varied. Applying the mosaic to the bathroom can create a strong artistic atmosphere and individualized effect, but the cost is slightly higher, and it can be partially applied to achieve the decorative effect. [ Follow the WeChat public number " Jiuzheng Ceramics Network" ; pay attention to surprises, scan the code to see how the dealers at the end of the year! Jiuzheng ceramics network exchange group: 80123558 】

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