Sichuan Furniture Refuses "Chuanjun Theory"

Sichuan Furniture Refuses "Chuanjun Theory"

For the furniture industry, the topic of "Rise of the Sichuan Army" is definitely one of the focuses of discussions in the industry in recent years. This group of furniture companies that have been killed from the hinterland of China's southwestern region are always different: they like to fight alone, and they are good at marketing. They prefer the third- and fourth-tier markets compared to the fiercely competitive first- and second-tier markets. ... However, they know themselves, but they are different from what we see. At the 13th Chengdu Furniture Fair in 2012, all the members of the Sichuan furniture company gathered in the “Nabaichuan Focus on the Transformation and Upgrade of Sichuan Furniture Enterprises” forum, facing several questions thrown by the host. Expressed his own opinion. “The performance is down? It has nothing to do with us!” Since the financial crisis in 2008, many furniture companies have been sighing that the market is getting harder and harder every year, but it is not until this year that the furniture market really feels the arrival of a cold current. At the National Home Forum held not long ago, Zhu Changling, secretary general of the China Furniture Association, said that the plight of the furniture industry really began in May this year. However, in the "mourning" of furniture companies in other regions, Sichuan furniture companies have shown "being brilliant." “Compared with February, we grew by 50%, and the average monthly growth rate reached more than 25%.” Jin Gang Furniture General Manager Yan Gang told reporters proudly. In his view, although the home industry has entered a transition period and reshuffle period, but because its own company has always believed that "to firmly grasp the customer's heart", it is able to achieve good results in this year's adverse market. And Xie Yanbin, general manager of the Hong Kong government's prince marketing, also said that as the company adjusted its positioning and development direction according to changes in the market, it opened up two new brands and is committed to providing consumers with better and more practical products. In the first half of the year, the Prince of Hong Kong had a growth of nearly 30%. In addition to the Prince of Hong Kong and Jinyi, the wave, the emperor, the Taiwanese pioneer... All furniture companies participating in the forum have said that their companies have maintained varying degrees of growth in the first half of this year. Almost every Sichuan furniture company was confidently interviewed by reporters. Although the market was not good, its own enterprises have achieved certain growth. It’s just that this growth is exactly negative. How much water there is, I’m afraid only the company knows it. "We are also a united and friendly alliance!" And when it comes to the idea that Sichuan furniture companies are "not good at holding a group," the eight corporate executives raised their opposition cards. In their view, Sichuan furniture companies are actually very united. Xu Mingde, deputy general manager of Langdu Furniture, said that the outside world has a deep misunderstanding about Sichuan furniture. In fact, most companies are actually very united; perhaps because of limited resources, coupled with the market’s coldness in the past year, most of the time Still more than the time when the building materials alliance. Peng Huan, general manager of Emperor Standards Home, agreed. He believes that it may be because of product positioning and other aspects, so compared with Guangdong furniture companies like to hold a group to do property to take the mall, Sichuan furniture companies may not seem so "unity." But in fact, Sichuan furniture companies often hold industry chambers of commerce from time to time, exchange experiences and learn from each other. And Jin Gang, the general manager of Jinyi Furniture, expressed his indignation at the statement that “Sichuan furniture is not united”. In his view, Sichuan furniture companies are very good teams. They are very united in the bones. Everyone will often communicate together, but they will show less outside, so they will give the outside world a feeling of "unity." Compared with Guangdong and other places, the "Furniture Alliance" is different from the world. It is the so-called "unity" of Sichuan furniture enterprises. It may be because of this "separation of solidarity" that they are more crisis-conscious and try their best to sell their products. "What is the third-fourth-line market, we will not admit it!" And the "three-four-line market is the main battlefield of Sichuan furniture", which caused a heated discussion among the forum guests. "I don't recognize the points of the market in the first and second grades. What is good is the primary market. If it is not good, it is the third-tier market." Yan Gang said that the first and second-tier markets in the market are divided. I did not agree. For his company, as long as the product is properly deployed, what kind of market can be won. Fu Yadong, general manager of the Langdu Furniture Marketing Center, also expressed the same view. He believes that the first- and second-tier markets cannot be divided solely by region size, but should be divided according to consumption power and consumer groups; for example, in the so-called first- and second-tier markets, 70% and 80% of people buy Products sold in the second and third tier markets. It is precisely because of this division of the market, so the wave can achieve good results in this year's market. In the view of other companies, Sichuan furniture companies have a somewhat "strong sense" for the market. However, sometimes looking at the furniture market in the cold winter from another angle may be a landscape full of hope. More forums and wonderful views>>Nabaichuan focuses on the transformation and upgrading of Sichuan furniture enterprises. Statement: This article is an exclusive original manuscript or an exclusive disclosure of information. Copyright, if you need to repost or reproduce it in other ways, please contact us.

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