Qumei furniture brand concept set off the role model of green brand

Qumei furniture brand concept set off the role model of green brand

November 9, 2009 is a harmonious and beautiful day, with the 3rd China Trademark Festival Awards Ceremony. Qumei Furniture (view map) has once again been recognized as the leader in the industry market. It is a great joy to successfully take away the honorary crystal cup of “2009 Consumer's Favorite Green Label”. As the furniture store with the largest independent storefront marketing in China, Qumei Furniture is undoubtedly the giant of this industry, representing the direction of the development of this industry. "In the long run, the Chinese furniture market is a big cake, but with the increasing awareness of consumers and the increasing use requirements, if the furniture companies do not strive to improve their product quality, I believe that the development of the Chinese furniture market will soon More and not refined, can only rely on the low-level stage of winning in quantity and low price." Zhao Ruihai, president of Qumei Furniture, said. So, how can we achieve high quality? With such questions, the reporter walked into Qumei Furniture. Into Qumei, it was discovered that the "European original design, Qumei modern furniture" that it admired not only stopped at the product design level. All along, creating "Chinese brand, world quality" is the core of Qumei Furniture. On the one hand, it is reflected in the furniture production process, and strictly controls its quality requirements, whether it is to invest 20 million from Denmark to introduce world-class solid wood compression bending equipment and technology, or to introduce world-class plates from Germany, Italy and other places. Furniture production line and solid wood furniture production line, or 4 furniture production bases and 400,000 square meters of factory area. In addition to continuously improving the manufacturing capacity of furniture, Qumei Furniture adheres to the green and environmentally friendly home concept of green research and development, green production and green marketing, and strives to create a professional, standardized and efficient production and marketing model. In addition, in terms of green R&D, Qumei Furniture has always been at the forefront of the industry, insisting on the promotion of the “green living” design direction of cost-effective, and developed a modern home consumption demand that can meet the needs of simplicity, environmental protection and health. The product series, the use of the classic curved wood craft gives the furniture more details of the humanized design, and the combination of board and wood, further enhances the rational use of wood raw materials. In 2004, Qumei Furniture was built in a modern industrial park covering an area of ​​400,000 square meters. It truly responded to the call of the international environmental protection organization. It does not build a garden-style factory, a simple factory building, a neat workshop, an orderly structure, a modern and efficient The working environment is fascinating with Qumei Furniture's “hard work”. During the 2008 Olympic Games, Qumei Furniture became one of the few non-stop production furniture manufacturers in Beijing with its dust-free workshops, environmentally-friendly paint workshops, and other green production indicators. In 2009, Qumei Furniture successfully launched a new model of e-commerce green marketing with the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, to reduce manpower, save material resources, minimize resource consumption as the starting point, and reduce the finished products of goods from the root. In the past ten years, Qumei Furniture has been erecting the environmental benchmarks of the entire industry with the leading EO quality inspection standards in China, opening the road of green consumption. At present, it is well known that the competition in the furniture industry has been upgraded from low-end product entity competition to brand building competition. The promise of green quality is more in the scale of enterprises with considerable strength. From a marketing perspective, The shaping of green brands is also a long-term, persevering process that many companies can do, but few companies adhere to it like Qumei Furniture. While consolidating this long-term green brand project, Qumei Furniture has also pushed the quality of green homes to the extreme. In this interview, we learned that Qumei’s first “Enterprise Self-Test Environmental Testing Center” unveiled the mystery! With the emphasis on green, environmentally friendly and healthy home living environment, the quality requirements of furniture products are getting higher and higher, and more and more strict. The quality of furniture industry chain, furniture quality and standard testing have become an important part of quality improvement. . In this way, Qumei invested wholly, and Beijing Quality Inspection Authority “Beijing Furniture Quality Inspection Station” provided technical support and jointly created Qumei “Enterprise Self-Environmental Experimental Center”, which built the first self-inspection environmental inspection in China. The laboratory conducts strict self-inspection on the raw and auxiliary materials of the furniture, the manufacturing process, and the quality of the finished products. Guided by national authoritative experts such as China Consumers Association, China Trademark Association, and National Quality Inspection Station, the company comprehensively sets the highest standards for self-inspection, ensuring true green furniture, meeting the green needs of consumers, and its unique corporate character. It is commendable. Along the way, Qumei Furniture has grown from a small factory of less than tens of people in 1987 to today's vice president of China Furniture Association, which has 3,000 technical professionals and 600 sales outlets across the country. Each of the roads and every link has been carefully crafted with a lot of effort, and it is also the steady step taken by Qumei people. Today, in the hearts of consumers, "2009's favorite green trademark" brand, Qumei Furniture topped the list. Based on this, we have reason to believe that in the future, this home with the Chinese brand and world quality will surely face the world and bloom its light.

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