The sample is worth not worth buying a positive and negative view PK

The sample is worth not worth buying a positive and negative view PK

As soon as the season is changed or the store is decorated, the labels of the "Furniture Sample Specials" will be posted everywhere. Xiao Bian was surprised to find a store in the south of the city, a set of brand sofa combination, the price of more than 50,000, more than 30,000 discounts, if you buy more than 10,000 samples, so "price difference" makes Xiaobian amazed, I believe many After the owner encounters such a "good thing", it is easy to shake it. Xiao Bian found at the scene that there are many middle-aged and elderly people, "quasi" mothers, and younger 80 and 90 are consulting sample products. According to the sales staff of the mall, compared with the sample of home appliances, household samples are easier to sell and more acceptable to consumers. In the end, the value of the home sample is not worth buying by consumers? The reporter interviewed dozens of owners randomly to see what they have to say: Supporter: Home samples are more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective "Mother-to-Mother" Ms. Zhang: Home samples are placed in the air for a long time, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful The substance will be released in large quantities; some samples will be made of real materials, and some will be treated with aldehydes in advance. For the purchase of baby household products, samples are my first choice. Owner Aunt Wang: On weekends, I will go to major shopping malls and I will buy some branded products with clearance sale. The general processed sample is 50% cheaper than the regular price product, and my husband often praises me as a woman who will "live". Mr. Yang after 80: In the current situation of “price” rising, the sample price is more suitable for us, and a little bit of a small impact on my quality of life has no effect. Buying things, as long as the quality is not a big problem, cheap is good. Mr. Dai, the owner: I am worried that if I buy furniture, if the style and color are still suitable, I must pull the sample directly. Even if it is a bit sloppy, it can be repaired. Many of my friends have the same experience. The new products in the customized or warehouse room are far from the sample placed in the exhibition hall. There are suspects of cutting corners and cutting materials. Must choose a big brand, quality service is guaranteed. Friendly reminder: Only pay the deposit and pay the full amount. Anti-external: There are flaws in the home samples, there is no after-sales service owner Li Shengsheng: Since it is a sample, long-term placement and experience, there are different degrees of damage and embarrassment, if the price is not cheap, I will not buy. Owner Lin Ayi: The current furniture, store samples and paid goods are almost the same. I am really good enough to talk, and the result is that the unscrupulous merchants have come to a package, which directly affects the mood. It is really cheap and there is no good goods. Miss Pan, the new house, of course, must be equipped with new furniture. The quality of the furniture samples will be somewhat problematic. I always feel that there is a shadow in my heart. Grandfather Sun: The "special offer" will not be returned or replaced, and there is no after-sales service. Buying such a product does not mean buying "not at ease." It is the desire of every consumer to buy a product that is "good quality and cheap". In view of the variety of "speciality" of household samples, the reporter believes that the best for you is the best. Just like the owner Mr. Yang and Ms. Zhang, the “pre-mother”, according to their own economic situation and needs, buying their favorite products is the most valuable. Only consumers should pay attention when purchasing “samples”. They should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the brand, quality and craft of furniture. In particular, if you purchase sofas, bookcases, lockers, and other well-defined furniture, you must show the sales plan to the salesperson. Check the size of the sample furniture according to the size of the room to meet the needs of the room. Also carefully ask whether the sample furniture you bought can enjoy free return, "three guarantees" and other services, and should also clarify the terms in the purchase contract.

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