The first batch of ergonomic desks and chairs in China

The first batch of ergonomic desks and chairs in China

On July 21, 2011, the “First Batch of Office Furniture Ergonomics Certification Products Certification Ceremony” was held in Beijing by the Fangyuan Mark Certification Group, China National Institute of Standardization, China Sustainable Decoration and Decoration Alliance, and the Beijing Furniture Industry Association. Some office furniture products of Shanghai Aurora, Zhuhai Lizhi, Beijing Liming Wenyi, Beijing Century Jingtai, Zhejiang Shengao and other well-known brands have obtained the first batch of human ergonomic product certification in China, from the National Certification and Accreditation Administration and relevant governments. The heads of the procurement department and the furniture industry association issued certificates for the five furniture companies that obtained the product certification. In November 2010, Fangyuan Logo Certification Group launched the first domestic ergonomic product certification technology logo, and launched the ergonomic certification of two types of products: office furniture and student desks and chairs. For more than half a year, Fangyuan Mark Certification Group has adopted strict and standardized certification evaluation methods. One hundred and one hundred, one of the five well-known enterprises in the industry has passed the certification, and won the first batch of China's ergonomic product certification, becoming China's office furniture. The leading enterprise in the field from ergonomic design and development to technical application has set an example for the promotion and application of ergonomic technical standards in the office furniture industry. By participating in the ergonomic product certification work, the company has further enhanced its product health and comfort design concept, technology application capability and product innovation. It also provides a "virtual" health product for the consumer market and bulk purchase. As the authoritative third-party certification body, Beijing Enterprise Learning Products Base Certification Group will always adhere to the idea of ​​scientific research leading certification development, and provide quality and efficient professional services to guide the industry to regulate healthy development, including the upcoming solid wood furniture certification. Etc., "the brand of the private capital, the world's circle", is striving to build a solid and mutual trust bridge between enterprises and consumers, so that the square certification mark becomes the confidence basis for public consumption and bulk purchase.

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