Home feng shui taboo in the decoration pattern

Home feng shui taboo in the decoration pattern

Modern decoration styles are becoming more and more diverse. Many young people like to decorate their own homes. However, when choosing or decorating, it is inevitable that there will be some inappropriate decoration methods and decoration patterns, which will inadvertently violate the home Feng Shui. Taboo, let's take a look at the home network Xiaobian and see if you are shot.

Bathroom and kitchen door to door

I don't know why, developers often design the bathroom and kitchen door to door. This pattern of letting "Shui Shui" directly pass through the "water" has fulfilled the phrase "the wine and the intestines have passed through", and the wealth cannot be retained. It is obviously the feng shui of the house that has crossed the poorer. It is recommended that the owner of such a house quickly change the door of the kitchen or bathroom. If it is helpless, then at least a Chinese knot or a safety buckle should be hung on the kitchen door.

Gate to window

If you open your own door, you can see the window . The pattern of financial loss has been born. Many so-called high-rise slabs in the north and south are in this pattern. You ask them, since you moved into this house, health, career, wealth, marriage are as good as ever, it is likely to say: don't mention it. The best way is to make a porch in the gate and change it across the poorer house.

The door is straight to other homes

The gates of many houses are two-two opposite. The popular saying is that this door is opposite to another door. In this way, feng shui over the poorer houses is likely to occur. If the gas field, the genus, the five elements, etc. of the door to the door are just like the gas field, the genus, and the five elements of your family, then the unlucky one must be you. If you want to make full use of the door outside the gate, put a shoe rack and chores outside the gate, then it is more likely to become fierce to your house, you can take good luck to blame. To this end, it is recommended that friends of this pattern need to hang Chinese knots on their door frames, and it is advisable to make porches or hang curtains in the doors.

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