How to cooperate with Lili flooring after-sales service

How to cooperate with Lili flooring after-sales service

The floor is one of the indispensable floor materials in modern home decor. The choice of living room floor is not only the choice of style and color, the choice of quality is equally important, durable and beautiful floor is the highest level of the living room floor. Floor decoration has become the first choice for everyone to decorate the ground. Facing the variety of floor materials on the market, is it also causing trouble for your purchase? So let's take a look at the floor with Korea, with Korea as to how to floor, watching from the outcome.

How about Heli?

Shanghai Heli Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. The company is located in the new Wuyi green processing industrial park in Shanghai's Songjiang District. It is adjacent to the Shanghai-Hangzhou, A30 expressway and has convenient transportation and a quiet environment. Covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 8 million square meters, it is an integrated large-sized wooden floor company specializing in the production, management, and trade of wood flooring.

The company not only has a first-class production base, but also introduces a complete set of modern wooden floor production equipment that is synchronized with the international market. In 2013, it built a new production base - located in Henglin Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is known as "the capital of flooring". The company also has an independent research and development center to continuously develop and improve its product design and process. In the sales field, it has a huge marketing network. In mainland China, major cities, small and medium-sized cities as well as county-level cities as of October 2008 statistics, there are more than 1,000 uniform authorized, unified image of Heli series products. The franchise stores are oriented to and close to the users, while having strict quality control and perfect after-sales service system. There is also a group of high-quality management and marketing personnel serving the majority of dealers and consumers. First-class quality, accurate delivery, preferential prices and excellent service make our products sell well all over the country.

The company is the earliest company in the industry that has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, ISO14001-2004 international environmental system certification, and China environmental label product certification. In October 2002, under the guidance of the engineers of the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and relevant experts of the Shanghai Timber Inspection Station, a formaldehyde index testing laboratory for finished products and raw materials was established. In July 2005, it took the lead in passing the examination and production license of the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine on the production of wood-based panel production licenses. In December 2006, Heli Floor passed the examination of the State General Administration of Quality and successfully obtained the “National Inspection-free Product” certificate. Following the acquisition of national inspection-free products, Heli Floor was honored as "Shanghai Famous Brand Product" and "Shanghai Famous Brand". Heli Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest wood flooring companies in Shanghai.

He Li floor product classification

Solid wood series

Extreme Classic Series

Livable Fashion Series

Ecological wood flooring

Drilling ultra-quiet series

Small embossed wide surface series

Antique wood series

Groove series


He Li joining conditions

First, the selling point of the product;

1. Advantages of substrate, fully ecologically washed and peeled substrate

2, different colors, change the color cycle is short. Paper by the company independent production, substrate production

3, product quality and stability (a full set of German Hammer production line, Hao Jing, power automatic slotting line)

4, the national unified image display

5, the entire product of wax seal waterproof

6. Heli is committed to creating a zero-complaining production management concept in the flooring industry

two. Training support

Before the opening of the store, the company will provide systematic training for new franchisees once a month training courses, including product professional knowledge training, shopping guide sales skills training, installation and after-sales service training, secondary and tertiary market development and maintenance training, community Sales training, high quality sales team for franchisees and continuous profitable operations provide efficient intellectual support.

three. A good after-sales service

Customer replacement and payment processing within 24 hours

four. He Lilin Union policy;

Look at the market with a scientific vision, look at products with the eyes of science and technology, and seek development with the concept of simultaneous and enterprising. In order to join a successful family, it is better to expand the franchisees if the market is vacant. The company's terminal support is based on the fact that both parties actually meet the conditions for joining:

Join conditions:

First, the brand philosophy and the desire to supplement the brand philosophy group.

Second, in the building materials industry more than 5 years of operation and management experience.

Third, the personnel structure is in line with the company's brand structure.

Fourth, the store area and location are in line with the company's brand structure.

V. Capital requirements are in line with the company's brand structure.

Sixth, can reach a consensus with the company's operating ideas

First, the national unified VI design

1, provide a variety of gifts;

2, to provide the size of promotional materials;

3, to provide design stores and a variety of print ads, brochures, advertising in front of the door;

4, to provide all the necessary stores with the "Holi" brand logo supplies;

(Promotional gifts strictly enforce the principle of strong distribution)

Second, store decoration requirements

1. Strict implementation of the company's unified decoration VI

2, the main area of ​​the material must comply with the company's construction plans

3, soft VI and company standards

4, the ground color must be consistent with the company's unified requirements

Third, store decoration subsidies

1, the store decoration allowance standard is 200 yuan / M2

Fourth, sample and floor pavement support

1. Display template

a, flagship store model provides a free floor to strengthen the floor. Multi-layer model supply price 20% off purchase.

2. Floor pavement support

a, 20% off the purchase price of the floor.

V. Advertising Support Program

(A) The target of advertising

1. It is forbidden to put in small advertisements, such as community floor advertisements, 1/16 type "life information" and other non-mainstream newspapers.

2. It is forbidden to publish advertisements for vehicles other than buses.

(The above cases will be deducted if the franchisee's margin is severe, the company will cancel the operating right.)

3, all advertising must strictly abide by the advertising management process, agents first fill out the "advertising application form" submitted to the marketing director for approval after the signature, and then signed by the general manager before execution.

(B) Advertising requirements

1, delivery range:
Mainly based on the four major media: television, billboards (standard advertising frame), body, newspapers and magazines. Franchisees can effectively organize publicity according to local market conditions:

a. TV advertisements (local station sound advertising)

b. Billboards (including outdoor billboards at the market entrance, outdoor advertising in urban centers, and street signs)

c. Vehicle body advertisement (bus vehicle, taxi top)

d. Newspaper advertisements (1/8 or more editions)

2. Delivery principle:

a. The design draft for the advertisement must be executed on the company's standard screen, and the privately-designed advertisements shall not be written off and the corresponding amount of the advertisement publication fee shall be fined.

b. The time for advertising is mainly based on brand introduction period, brand promotion period, and large-scale event period. The specific regional markets may be determined according to their respective development situations, with the principle of maximizing profits as the main principle, and the company’s audit will be the main focus.


(III) Advertising Support Policy

1. Brand advertising is not linked to sales, such as outdoor artillery advertising, bus advertising, etc. to enhance brand advertising.

a. Brand advertising support: The advertisement will be written off 10% of the total expenses on the next day, 25% will be written off when it reaches half of the advertising deadline, and 25% will be written off after the advertisement expires.

2. Sales advertisements are closely linked with sales volume, such as the replacement of advertising screens in the early stage of activities, and the promotion of sales advertisements in newspapers and periodicals.

b. Reimbursement criteria shall be made by the regional manager according to the actual situation and the franchisee's previous operation.

(IV) Procedures for placing advertisements for verification

1. Three copies of advertising photos (three different angles), advertisement release agreement, collection voucher and advertisement application form must be issued for verification.

2, when the write-off by the franchisee will write off the formalities of express company finances, is strictly prohibited regional managers to take over. The write-off period is generally 10 working days.

3, after the write-off of advertising costs directly by the company into the franchisee's account in the company, returned in the form of goods.

4. Advertising companies that have not placed advertisements for private placement will not support them. And through the company's information platform, the province made a public criticism.

5. Upon discovery of fraudulent formalities or application for verification of advertising that does not conform to the application, the company will not write off and impose a fine of 2 times the total price of advertisements. Confiscated the franchisee's brand deposit and notified it nationally.

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