Guang Qian wooden doors touch the exquisite home to create a healthy home life

Guang Qian wooden doors touch the exquisite home to create a healthy home life

In the wooden door industry, whether the product quality is excellent or not, in addition to advanced equipment, it must rely on advanced production technology. After more than ten years of practice, Guangqian Wooden Door has mastered the full set of production technology and technology of wooden door products, and far exceeds the domestic industry level in the control of material drying, processing accuracy, finishing processes and other important nodes, and ensures good quality of products. Play a key role. Let's take a look at the specific conditions of Guang Qian Wooden Door with Xiaobian.

Guang Qian wooden door good home needs a good door

The family has a good door. This is something that the Chinese people have been very concerned about since ancient times. It also contains many dreams of the Chinese people. Now when we talk about choosing a good gate, people will soon remember a name - Guang Qian wooden door. The “good door” of this wide range of millennium has withstood many years of market verification. A high-quality, good door that shows the quality of the owner's life from multiple sides. With the development of society and technological progress, the production level of wooden doors has also developed rapidly. A beautifully-designed, well-crafted, environmentally-friendly wooden door that perfectly harmonizes with the owner's decorating style, and also makes the living environment outstanding.

It is understood that the development of Guangqian Wooden Door after fifteen years of development has matured in terms of production technology, product quality, and product design. In terms of products, Huahe has a strong design team and production team, all products are original designs, and ultimately form a complete product structure, to achieve complete coverage of high-end, mid-range, fashion and other consumer groups. In addition, Guangqian Wooden Door is unique in appearance aesthetics and product structure performance, and it has become a model enterprise in the wooden door industry. In the field of equipment technology, product quality, product design, brand influence, marketing network, and customer service, it has become a leading position in the industry and has become a “good door” for the Chinese wood industry and consumers.

Guang Qian wooden door quality stems from the details

“The 'details determine success or failure', only the quality consciousness is deeply instilled into the employees' hearts. They can grasp every link and every process in the production process and realize that the products produced exceed national standards, standards and standards for customers” The person in charge of the wooden door said: "Every product of Guangqian is derived from the attitude and meticulous style of excellence of Guangqian. It is precisely because of the hard work of every one thousand people that the company will be awarded the 'Top Ten Chinese Wooden Door Brand'." , 'National Building Materials AAA Level Demonstration Unit', 'Chinese Famous Brand', 'National Green Building Materials Products' and other honors and titles."

It is understood that the company has introduced Germany, Taiwan and other high-end production equipment at home and abroad to focus on every detail, and strive to create the country's first-class wooden door home products. In order to guarantee the quality of the wooden doors, the company has established a strict system, from wood drying to aging, from wood materials to sheet metal processing, from parts assembly to paint finishing, and even including every subtle process and link to be carried out by the most demanding Repeated inspections. Into the production workshop, everywhere you can feel this: Wood drying is a key process for the manufacture of wooden doors. Each wooden door produced by Guangqianmumen must go through wood drying, batching, machining, painting, etc. The process has effectively controlled the moisture content of the wood and made the wood used in the product truly meet the stable conditions of the northern climate; it uses four passes of primer, two passes of paint, one pass of color repair, and one pass of fixing, and the paint surface color It is uniform, full and smooth, translucent, environmentally friendly, and feels good. The level of physical quality of products is continuously improved, so that every consumer can use it with confidence.

“Guangqian” is a home culture brand that symbolizes harmony and happiness and actively pursues a perfect life. Guang Qian people will be proactive, continue to lead the trend of wooden doors, advocating the concept of service and health, and committed to becoming a low-carbon pioneer in the wooden door industry. Thousands of years will become the charming messenger of your home culture, and we will continue to create a high quality and happy life for you!

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