How to effectively increase the service life of slime dryer

How to effectively increase the service life of slime dryer

The new slime dryer has introduced the pre-crushing, dispersing, dispersing and anti-adhesive process in the slime drying process, and the drying efficiency of the slime has been greatly improved, and it has also brought the slime drying industry. New vitality.
First, pay attention to check the loose connection of each equipment of the slime dryer. Under the conditions of slime and other various valve mouth drying conditions, the availability of various parts and seals is first checked in the ideal position for daily operation.
Second, check the voltage and power meter is normal, if the problem should be eliminated in time. Then turn on the blower, exhaust the fan, and then turn on the heating switch to warm up.
3. In normal operation, the equipment shall be regularly subjected to a regular inspection system to record operating process parameters.
4. When the operation of the slime dryer equipment is finished, the heating device should be turned off first, and the gas engine stops running. When the inlet temperature drops below 100 °C, the blower and exhaust fan can be stopped. Then clean up the body more than expected, turn off the filter, and finally turn off the main power supply to complete the production operation.
5. In an emergency, the equipment must be turned off immediately. If you suddenly experience a power outage, turn off the heat source is a natural cooler and cleaning equipment.
Today, the small series of Tenda mechanical slime dryers tells everyone a new type of slime drying technology. Although this slime drying technology is in the development stage, the drying method of the slime dryer under alternating pressure, However, this slime dryer is in the research and development stage, and its pressure level, vacuum degree and other factors have not been able to achieve precise control. If this slime drying technology reaches the mature stage, the quality of the material to be dried will be It is greatly improved, and the drying time is short. Therefore, if the slime dryer technology is in the mature stage, it will bring unexpected benefits.
The drying technology of the slime dryer is in the process of research and development, and the new drying technology is constantly being released. It is undoubtedly to develop a slime dryer that will benefit the users of the majority of slime dryers.

The new slime dryer adopts a new technology that first crushes and disperses the coal slurry and then heats it to make the treatment of the slime continuous, industrialized, and automated, which saves manpower and reduces construction risks. . After the slime drying process, the moisture of the slime can be reduced from 25% to 28% to about 12%, which is greatly improved compared with the traditional slime dryer. Due to the introduction of pre-crushing, dispersing, dispersing and anti-adhesive processes in the slime drying process, the drying efficiency of the slime has been greatly improved, and it has also brought new vitality to the slime drying industry.
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