Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner: Wash your clothes and never use your hands again.

Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner: Wash your clothes and never use your hands again.

No matter when, washing clothes is not a pleasant thing. So we have a Dolfi ultrasonic cleaner that uses ultrasonic vibration to wash clothes. When we go out and play happily, it can do most of the work.

Dolfi looks like a small soap, but you still need to use detergent when using it. Its cleansing power comes from the built-in ultrasonic transducer, which produces incredible subtle vibrations to clean the clothes.

The inventor of Dolfi said that vibration can produce enough power to stir the clothes, and the dust and dirt generated can be broken down by the detergent.

Dolfi is easy to operate, first attach it to the socket and then put it in a sink filled with warm water, detergent and laundry (it is not clear whether the power cord is sealed and insulated). After about half an hour, it will wash the clothes, and the rest will be rinsed and aired. Although it's not as simple as a washing machine and dryer, it saves a lot of money when you travel.

Unfortunately, currently Dolfi is just a prototype product, and the developer plans to raise funds at Indiegogo on January 20th, $90.

Techniques for cleaning with ultrasonic technology have long existed and have been used in humidifiers and decorative fountains. Therefore, like most crowdfunding products, the real obstacle for Dolfi is to find the right manufacturer and ship it at the target price. We also hope that Dolfi's efforts will be an exception to many disappointing crowdfunding.

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