Smart ski helmet can capture video, track performance, play music

Smart ski helmet can capture video, track performance, play music

The motion camera seems to be getting more and more advanced. Just no matter how advanced they are, you still have to figure out how to install them. The installation method includes a suction cup, a gecko pad, a chest strap, and the like. After all, if you don't want to take it with your hands, you have to tie the camera to your body, but this is not the most convenient way.

Australian startup Forcite has adopted a different approach. Instead of turning the camera into a modular camera that needs to be installed, the company simply embeds the camera directly into the ski helmet. His family's ski helmets have other smart features. In addition to 1080p camera that can shoot 120fps video

This helmet is still under development, so it is not impossible to say that all of these features are final models, but it is not impossible.

Recently, we have also seen some devices equipped with a variety of sensors and microcomputers (for example, Recon HUD or Bragi Dash headphones), most of which are much smaller than Forcite's devices. A helmet does have a lot of places to put a variety of sensors, so the features mentioned above, this helmet may have.

So many electronic devices plus some creative algorithms can create many possibilities.

When the cable car is on, the glove is falling. The GPS of this helmet can record the coordinates of this point, and then guide you back to the exact position through the built-in speaker. The closer you get to the glove, the more frequently the helmet will smash.

If the helmet's collision sensor detects a strong collision, the built-in motion sensor will detect if you stop moving, and then the helmet will call your smartphone for help via Bluetooth.

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