Hardware Hand Tools: Three Principles of Spray Gun Purchase

Hardware Hand Tools: Three Principles of Spray Gun Purchase

As the market for hardware hand tools has received more and more attention, and the scale of export has been expanding, imported hand tools have also entered the domestic market. How can I choose the right hand tools among many brands? I use the manual spray gun as an example to introduce to consumers.
First, the price

Multi-party inspection of product quality and production and distribution manufacturers is the primary link in the purchase of products, such as its operating history, market share and service network. Brand spray guns are generally of reliable quality, but the brand effect often makes their prices too high. Domestically produced products are usually cheaper, but their quality and after-sales service are often worrying. Therefore, focus on cost performance, or performance first, the brand is first.

Second, the atomization effect

A good spray gun is usually atomized evenly, the paint flow is stable, and the paint utilization rate is high. The atomization effect of the spray gun is related to the internal passage design and the accuracy of the aperture on the nozzle and the air cap. On the other hand, it is also related to the working air pressure. Experienced masters know that brand guns usually have better atomization effects than miscellaneous guns. High-pressure guns usually have better atomization effects than low-pressure guns. The reason is that the production process and equipment of brand guns are more advanced, and the quality is higher and the quality inspection is stricter. The high-pressure gun is atomized because of its high working pressure, but the gas consumption is large, and the paint utilization rate is low.

Third, the degree of durability

The durability of the spray gun depends mainly on the material used. The good spray gun material has both sufficient compression resistance and light weight, as well as a high-quality exterior protective layer and internal parts. Many domestic spray guns or foreign brand low-cost spray guns have a good effect at the beginning, but after one or several months, the nozzle or air cap has a larger aperture, or the needle wear cannot continue to be used, which is the material performance. Insufficient; there are also coatings on the outer surface of the spray gun that come off after several times of thinning, which affects both the visual and the hand feeling, which is related to the poor surface material or the level of the plating process.

For hardware tools, most of them must be carefully selected based on the above three principles. It is best to learn more on the network before going to the market. Of course, if you have network channels to buy reliable and high-quality hardware tools, it is very good. Will definitely save some money to buy the same product.
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