Working principle and classification of bag filter

Working principle and classification of bag filter

Bag dust collectors are not very strange to us. We must use bag filters in some production industries, because we must ensure the cleanliness of our working environment. Then we will introduce you to the specific process of bag filter:

First, the working process of the bag filter:

The bag filter is also called a filter type dust collector (bag type dust collector). It is a dust removal device that uses bag filter elements made of fiber braid to capture solid particles in dusty gas. The principle of action is dust powder. When passing through the filter cloth fiber, it is intercepted by contact with the fiber due to inertia, and the dust collected on the filter bag is periodically removed by the cleaning device and dropped into the ash hopper, and then discharged through the ash discharging system. The above description is the working process of the bag filter.

Second, the classification of bag filter:

According to the shape of the filter bag, the bag filter is divided into: flat bag and round bag; according to the way of entering and exiting the wind, it is divided into: the wind on the lower inlet and the wind on the upper inlet and the direct flow (only limited to the flat plate); The filtering method of the bag is divided into: external filter type and internal filter type.

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