How to install pvc baseboard installation method for baseboard

How to install pvc baseboard installation method for baseboard

Although the pvc baseboard is the corner of the entire home improvement, but we can not ignore it, otherwise it is bound to bring us some troubles later, so the little things are to start from the installation. Pvc skirtings installation method you know? The following small series briefly introduces the pvc skirting installation method .

Pvc baseboard installation method - materials and accessories

Since it is the pvc baseboard installation, it is ultimately the pvc baseboard, but to remind everyone to be sure to select the quality of qualified, guaranteed pvc skirting, especially its material, it is necessary to pay special attention. Of course, fixing tools such as screwdrivers, electric furnaces, pliers, electric drills, etc. must be prepared.

Pvc baseboard installation method - elastic line

First of all, to explain what is the line, it is to use a line of toner, two people at both ends of the wall straightened, ready to aim at the wall to play on the top, the purpose of doing so is to determine the installation of The horizontal line ensures that the baseboard installation can maintain its horizontal position. According to the height of the pvc skirting installation pops up at the same height on the wall.

Pvc skirting installation method - drilling and safety wedge

Drilling is a relatively dangerous job. Everyone must pay attention to safety during operation. First of all, according to the pre-determined location of the installation of horizontal lines for drilling, you need to use electric drills to operate, the diameter of the hole to be produced is about 10 mm, into the wall to have a depth of 30 mm. Finally, we need to apply the adhesive to the wooden wedge, and finally flatten the wooden wedge with the wall.

Pvc skirtings installation method - bending Yin and Yang corner baseboard

There are yin and yang corners in the decoration, bending the Yin and Yang corner baseboard is to make a mold for the baseboard of the Yin Yang corner, according to the size of the mold ingredients. First, use kiln to heat glycerin to about one hundred and sixty degrees, and pour it into the mold. Then put the pvc baseboard into the mold. After about one minute, it can be molded after cooling.

Pvc baseboard installation method - cleaning before installation

The main point here is that before we install the baseboard, we must first clean the floor and wall table, because only clean the floor and the wall table, we install the skirting line will not appear void phenomenon.

Pvc skirtings installation method - wall table punch

Because the baseboard needs to be attached to the entire wall surface, the baseboard must be fixed on the wall surface by punching. Here we must particularly remind that the drilling method also has to explain methods and techniques, we get from the general installation experience, the distance between the hole can not be separated too far, otherwise it will have a bad influence on the kickboard's imprisonment, usually the construction master punch The hole distance is generally about 100cm, but also for the depth of drilling is also particular, because the baseboard is generally in 2cm thickness, so the depth of the hole is generally about 5CM is the best, too deep hole is also will It has a certain influence on the entire wall.

Pvc skirting installation method - corner treatment

Because the design of a family home cannot be always straight-lined, it will have many corners when necessary. When we install the baseboard, how do we deal with this corner? For a long time, most of the installation masters needed to cut the baseboards where the corners meet to form a 45-degree bevel, so that the two baseboards that meet each other can be integrated with each other to form a sharp 90-degree angle.

About the pvc skirtings installation method related information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article is helpful to you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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