Homemade screw-free screwdriver

Homemade screw-free screwdriver

Introduction He Xueying People's Liberation Army No. 252 Hospital Baoding City 071000 Lower extremity diseases such as fractures of femoral head necrosis and saphenous varicose veins are surgical diseases. Before the operation begins, the roving nurse needs to cooperate with the assistant to lift the patient's limbs, but because the muscles are relaxed after the patient is anesthetized, it can't cooperate; some obese patients have limb weight, the nurse is very difficult to lift by hand; and when there is a fracture, It is necessary to pull while disinfecting. If the time is long, it will feel powerless, which will affect the disinfection effect. We have made a leg rack for disinfection, which is used by 2266 patients in clinical practice. The effect is good, as described below.

1 The material and the production are made of wooden material. The leg frame is made of saddle-horse shape with a thickness of 5; the lower part is made into a truncated cone shape with a thickness of 4.5; the upper and lower sides are connected by a cylinder with a diameter of 4.6 and still 31.

2 When using the method, the patient's limb or heel is placed in the saddle. The patrolling nurse holds the leg frame and holds the patient's foot back to prevent the j limb from swinging side to side, affecting the disinfection effect and delaying the disinfection time. After the disinfection is completed, the leg frame is removed, and the foot is wrapped tightly with a sterile towel bandage;

3 Advantages are simple to make, easy to take, easy to use, easy to clean, save time and effort, and easy to disinfect.

Self-made screw-free screwdriver, Yu Jiewen, the 206th Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, Tonghua City, 13400. In the medical equipment maintenance work, when loading and unloading the small screws in the corner of the medical instrument, in order to avoid the screw falling into the instrument, the screwdriver head is usually placed on the magnet. When you touch it and magnetize the screwdriver, you can hold the screw. However, this method does not work for a slightly larger screw or copper screw. The appearance of such a small question has prolonged the maintenance time and affected the work efficiency.

The screwdriver is used to handle the screws, because the working part is like a knife, usually called a screwdriver. Some people also call it a slack cone, because its purpose is to unscrew the screw and the nut, and the appearance is like an awl. And got its name. The structure of the screwdriver is simple. After a long period of time, it is found that there is such inconvenience, and the new improvement is made according to the needs, and the desire for self-control is generated. Now, the self-made screw-free screwdriver is used to make a screw. The screw is made up of a screw on a common screwdriver. 1. The screw is made of a thick metal sheet and is nailed. The function of the sleeve is to hold the screwdriver. So that the screw can be displaced up and down on the cutter body. The handle is the operating part of the entire bolt. The handle is pushed down and the screw tip is removed from the driver bit to facilitate gripping the screw head. When the handle is pulled up, the screwdriver bit is held against the front of the screw. In this way, the screw is prevented from falling.

It is easy to use, and it is convenient to use when loading and unloading the small screws in the corner of the instrument. It is handy, saving maintenance time and improving work efficiency.

1. Screwdriver 2. Handle 3. Hold sleeve 4. Screw mouth 5. Screw

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