Decoration does not need to install membrane ceiling method

Decoration does not need to install membrane ceiling method

Soft film ceiling is a kind of interior decoration materials imported from abroad and widely used in recent years. It can be used with various lighting systems to create fantastic and shadowless indoor lighting effects. It is generally used in large-scale occasions, but some people also like it. Used in the home restaurant, bedroom and other places, following the small series to see the soft film ceiling installation methods and precautions.

Soft film ceiling installation method

The first step: soft film ceiling keel installation

1. According to the design requirements of the drawings, a 4X4Cm support keel is fixed around the horizontal height position where the soft film ceiling needs to be installed (some areas require large blocks to be installed in order to achieve good results. This requires a middle position plus a piece of wood Slivers).

2. When all the wood strips need to be fixed, then install the aluminum keel of the soft film ceiling on the bottom of the supporting keel.

The second step of soft film ceiling installation:

1. When all aluminum alloy keels installed with soft film ceiling are fixed, install soft film. First, the soft film is opened and heated with a special heating air gun. Then, the soft film is tensioned and inserted into the aluminum alloy keel with a special insert knife. Finally, the soft film around the film is trimmed completely.

2, after installation, use a clean towel to clean the soft membrane ceiling.

Soft film ceiling construction notes:

1、Before installation, first go to the construction site to check if there is any condition to install the keel. Whether the on-site wall is completed or not, and whether the woodworking part is qualified or not, the plastering part needs to be completed first. Special attention should be paid to the woodworking part as required, and the light and air outlet shall be opened. The hole size must be processed in advance.

2. When the site conditions permits the party to enter the site, the first step is to fix the aluminum keel keel in accordance with the design requirements of the carpenter. Make sure that the corners must be flat and smooth at right angles, and the docking must be smooth and dense.

3, pay attention to the lighthouse, tuyere, light pipe plate and the surrounding keel level, and require solid and stable can not swing.

4, smoke, ceiling lamp, first position and then do a wooden chassis, the bottom of the wooden chassis to be polished smooth, and pay attention to the level, too low it is easy to highlight the traces of the chassis.

5, before installing smallpox, carefully check the keel joint is firm and smooth, sprinkler head should be adhered to white tape, air outlet should be handled well.

6, when installing smallpox to be fixed from the middle to both sides, while paying attention to both sides of the size, pay attention to the welding seam to be straight to do the last corner, pay attention to smooth. After all the work is done, trim the excess ceilings. To achieve a perfect edge effect.

7, open the lamp hole to make a mark on the location of the lamp hole, the PVC lamp ring carefully and accurately stuck to the bottom of the soft membrane, to be solid after the removal of more smallpox can be.

8. The air outlet and light pipe handling is to find the position of the light pipe plate. As with the surrounding area, install the soft film on the aluminum alloy keel. Note that the corner should be flat. After doing a good job, you can remove more of the smallpox.

9. Finally, clean the soft film ceiling surface with a clean towel.

Soft film ceilings have many advantages such as fireproof, antibacterial, waterproof, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-aging, and easy installation, so they are becoming the first choice for indoor ceiling materials. You may like to learn more about this new and unique ceiling. .

Editor's summary: The relevant information on the installation method of the soft film ceiling was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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