YU-2 series of anti-corrosion wear liquid pump applications

YU-2 series of anti-corrosion wear liquid pump applications

YU-2 series of corrosion-resistant anti-wear liquid pump has the most excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, creep resistance, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and other advantages, is currently rare Ideal replacement for precious metal pumps. That the YU-2 series of corrosion-resistant wear-resistant liquid pump for those industries? YU-2 series of anti-corrosion wear liquid pump applications 1, non-ferrous metal hydrometallurgy industry: Particularly suitable for lead, zinc, Silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, rare earth and other smelting in the acid, lye, corrosive pulp, electrolyte, waste acid, sewage and other media delivery. 2, Sulfuric acid phosphate industry: dilute acid, mother liquor, silica gel containing fluosilicate, phosphoric acid slurry and other media delivery. 3, water treatment and environmental protection industry: can transport a variety of impurities in the sewage. 4, pesticides, dyes, fine chemical industry: can transport acid-base solution containing solvents, mixed acids, but also transport solvent-containing slurry and solvent-containing acid, alkaline slurry. Further reading: China Construction Water Expo Guangzhou Industrial Expo leader ring Pump manufacturers ranking Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Services Hotline:)

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Pesticide & Insecticides

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