Home improvement waterproof material how to choose?

Home improvement waterproof material how to choose?

“Interlacing is like every other mountain” This is a long-established famous saying. It does have its profound philosophy. There are many names of waterproof materials sold on the market, and it is difficult for laymen to choose. Although it is "hard", it still has to choose.

  Six tips

First, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be enough.

Second, choose a brand name product with high reputation, good reputation, high security, and international quality system certification.

Third, waterproof parts should be comprehensive: the basement floor and all walls should be waterproof, moisture-proof treatment.

Fourth, the construction process should be meticulous: wall and floor joints, yin and yang angle, water pipes, floor drains and sanitary ware around and laid cold and heat pipes within the gutter is the key waterproof parts.

5. Closed water test after completion : After the construction is completed, close the door and the water outlet, and store water in the room for 24 hours to check for leaks.

6. Remedy the leakage if found.

Decoration waterproof bathroom waterproof material

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What are advantages of EPDM Rubber?
It is well suited to and commonly made use of for outdoor and automotive applications due to its outstanding weathering properties and high resistance to ozone and UV, as well as a considerable temperature resistance range.(between -40?C + 130?C, depending on the grade). 

EPDM Rubber Strip

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