Why does a wall-mounted air conditioner leak?

Why does a wall-mounted air conditioner leak?

Wall-mounted air conditioners are essential home appliances in the home life, especially in the summer, no air conditioning is really difficult, but many owners have complained that the air-conditioning leak at home, this really annoying, then the wall-mounted air conditioner Why does it leak? how to solve this problem?

First, the cause of water leakage in wall-mounted air conditioners

Insufficient installation: The expansion screws of the indoor unit do not stabilize, and the installation does not firmly affect the balance. As a result, the drain pipe leads to a high position on the side, causing difficulty in drainage, and thus the phenomenon of water dripping in the air conditioner body.

Dew condensation on the piping : Due to the poor or too thin insulation material on the piping, or not fully wrapped, dew condensation occurs when refrigerant in the piping passes through.

Poor drainage pipes: The long-term use of the drainage pipes causes aging, loosening, or bending into waves, resulting in poor drainage and partial blockage.

Drainage pipe plugging: The drainage pipe led out of the room is blocked artificially or the drain is blocked by dirt, causing condensation water to be discharged.

Second, wall-mounted air conditioner leak solution

Move the air conditioner, recalibrate the air conditioning position with an ordinary liquid level gauge, trim it or try to lower the condensate drain end of the air conditioner.

The adhesive tape should be disassembled to check whether the heat-retaining material is aged or properly installed. If any gap or thinness is found, it can be re-wrapped. At the same time, the aged tape can be replaced to maintain the tightness of the copper tube.

Contact the manufacturer or a qualified air-conditioning repairer to replace the drain, users can also buy an ordinary pvc straw instead, but some of the outdoor unit construction difficulties, in addition to open the protective tape, too much trouble.

If the building is designed with a drain pipe, it is important to check whether the drain pipe is unblocked and whether the drain pipe and the air conditioning pipe inlet are properly connected. If a straight drop is used to install the drainage pipe, the possibility that the dust will cause the drainage pipe to become clogged is high. A high-pressure water gun or a tool can be used to flush the drainage pipe to achieve the purpose of dredging.

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