Milk tea shop design tea shop design principles and decoration points

Milk tea shop design tea shop design principles and decoration points

Walking around, there are no shortage of tea shops along the street. With the development of the economy, more types of tea shops have been derived, and it is difficult for the tea shop to be based in society. This requires you to surpass others in the design and decoration of tea shop. Here are the principles and decoration points of Xiaobian's tea shop design. Let's go and have a look!

First, what principles need to pay attention to the design of tea shop?

The decoration design of a tea shop is often a very important part of the pre-preparation, and it is also a headache for many shopkeepers. Because the design of each tea shop is not exactly the same, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics, but also have the style of tea shop should be, which can worry about the tea shop owner, can not design a tea shop but also to find a special designer. In fact, the decoration of the tea shop is not without trace, it has its own set of principles and techniques.

1. Easy to memorize principles

Tea shop is not a clothing store jewelry shop, store design does not need to be too complicated, pay attention to the color coordination and simplicity in the shop. If it is a milk tea chain store, it should have a unified logo, which is conducive to the rapid transfer of information, and allows consumers to more profound memory of the store.

2. Highlight features to attract customers

The decoration design of the external and internal environment of the tea shop should be determined according to the scope and type of the commodities to be handled and the habits and characteristics of the target customers. The target customers should be firmly attracted by the distinct operating characteristics. As soon as a customer sees the appearance of a store, he immediately stops to wait and see and generates a desire to enter the store for shopping or spending; once he enters the store, he has a strong desire to buy and a novelty.

3. Serve the public for customer convenience

The design of the store must adhere to the customer-centered principle of service, and strive to meet the various needs of customers. The customers of modern society no longer regard shopping malls as a kind of pure purchase activity, but regard it as a kind of comprehensive activity integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and socialization. Therefore, a successful tea shop must not only have abundant milk tea drinks, but also create a comfortable shopping environment for customers to enjoy the perfect service.

4. Design according to the surrounding environment

Entrepreneurs are not able to completely design their stores according to their own imagination or copying the designs of other stores. Instead, they should carefully investigate the store itself and its surroundings to observe the flow of people, the conditions of sunshine, the conditions of obstacles, and the surrounding environment. Shop style, color, and then design based on these specific elements. Only after full investigation and research on market conditions, customer needs, consumption habits and psychology, competitors’ image and style, can we clarify our market positioning, store image and style, and understand that consumers have The environmental elements of the purchase behavior, and then design a striking store.

5. Selection of materials

The design of tea shop decoration design signboards and door heads must also take into account the selection of materials, as signboards and door heads must withstand wind and rain for a long time, etc.; in the process of material selection, we must focus on their life and safety; followed by the economy Applicability aesthetics.

How to decorate tea shop more attractive? This is a lot of knowledge. The following Tianjin decoration network Xiaobian took everyone to learn about the tea shop decoration points.

Second, tea shop decoration points

1 tea shop decoration points style color

Tea shop decoration style is mainly based on the theme of the store, brand, and some chain tea shop has its own fixed style. If it is a self-run tea shop, you can design the corresponding design style according to your own theme. However, consumers of tea shops are generally dominated by young people, so their style of decoration is also more fashionable and warm.

In addition, the color of tea shops is generally based on fresh and bright, such as orange, grass green. If it is a large-scale tea shop (the one that can sit in the door), you can also use some casual and warm colors, such as beige and light gray, and then place magazine books, which is a petty bourgeois feeling.

However, although the color is a little bright, but not too much, basically pick one or two colors as the main color just fine.

2 tea shop decoration points of the equipment selection

Tea shop bar tables, chairs and other equipment, try to choose some fashion modern, in line with the aesthetic of young people. Such as the table and chair can be used in the store's desk and chair, this is not only full of the sense of the times, but also to maximize the use of space; the kitchen as far as possible the use of stainless steel kitchen facilities, placed in an orderly manner, will give customers a clean a feeling of. In general, the equipment in the tea shop is mainly about orderliness, cleanliness, and cleanliness.

3. Coordinating refreshing points of tea shop

Milk tea shops are generally small in area, and some have only about 10 square meters of space. In such a small space, the fashion is beautiful and functional, and it is very important to pay attention to "coordination".

4. Clever use of small accessories

The most interesting thing is interesting things. Xiao Bian once saw a tea shop with a lot of trinkets. The world map is hung on the wall. Red flags are marked on many places on the map. The people who asked have known that it was the place he walked. There are still many pictures of folk customs and vintage fish tanks on the wall. Recording machines, hand-painted milk tea bottles, and so forth, will enter the shop's fresh and vintage art scene.

Xiao Bian concludes: The principles and decoration points of the design of the tea shop are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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