Aluminosilicate insulation material price and construction process

Aluminosilicate insulation material price and construction process

Aluminum silicate insulation material, also known as aluminum silicate composite insulation coating, is a new type of environmentally friendly wall insulation material. In line with national building standards, it is a necessary material for many real estate developers, construction contractors, and decorators. At present, there are many kinds of insulation materials on the market. Each product has different specifications and the quality is also uneven. Aluminosilicate insulation material, a new type of green inorganic coating, has been favored by many manufacturers since its launch. So what are the advantages of aluminum silicate insulation material? How about the price of aluminum silicate insulation material ? If you have this need, you may wish to follow me to learn about the price of aluminum silicate insulation materials .

Aluminosilicate insulation materials

Aluminosilicate insulation material is a new type of green inorganic one-component packaging dry powder insulation coating, which is made of natural brazing fiber as the main raw material, and a certain amount of inorganic auxiliary material is added through composite processing. After the construction, the insulation coating is applied with water and scraped. The surface of the heat-preserved wall can be dried to form a heat insulation layer with a high-strength structure.

Aluminosilicate insulation material features

1. Aluminum silicate insulation material is a new type of green inorganic coating, which is a one-component material packaging, non-toxic harmless, with excellent sound-absorbing capacity, high temperature resistance, water resistance, cold resistance, low shrinkage, overall seamless, no cold Bridges and thermal bridges are formed.

2, aluminum silicate insulation material quality is stable and reliable, crack resistance, good seismic performance, strong resistance to negative pressure, light weight, good insulation properties. Has good workability, water retention, strong adhesion, surface layer is not hollow, the construction does not sag, do not sag, reduce construction energy consumption.

3, aluminum silicate insulation material combustion performance of A-class non-combustible materials, temperature in the range of -40-800 °C quenching and rapid heat, insulation layer does not crack, do not fall off, do not burn, acid, alkali, oil.

4, aluminum silicate insulation coating is the wall insulation material in the highest safety factor, comprehensive performance and construction performance of the best insulation coating, according to different media temperature wipe the best economic thickness, cost performance is much better than the equivalent performance materials.

5, aluminum silicate insulation material forming a solid, strong adhesion, quick and easy construction can effectively shorten the construction period, and is not subject to the thermal insulation body geometry constraints, especially for internal and external wall insulation, central air conditioning under the air supply system and The insulation of the opposite surface can prevent the leakage of the gap in the traditional material and cause the loss of energy, thus forming an overall seal.

6, aluminum silicate insulation material products meet the "building insulation mortar" GB/T20473-2006 implementation of the standards and meet the national fire and environmental protection requirements.


Aluminosilicate insulation material specifications

Aluminum silicate insulation material specifications are 1200 * 600 (mm), 1200 * 800 (mm), 1200 * 100 (mm) and so on.

Aluminosilicate insulation material price

Aluminosilicate insulation material due to the different prices of different textures! Ordinary aluminum silicate insulation material prices and a little bit better rock wool prices! A little better insulation material for aluminum silicate is about seven hundred or so cubes!

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Aluminosilicate insulation material testing

No matter whether the company or the inspection department is using a specific instrument to refer to certain numbers, the Xiaobian will give you a few examples. For example, if we want to test the tensile strength of the aluminum silicate insulation material, we will use it. The machine can be tested according to the tensile resistance of the insulation material. We can use the machine to apply different strengths according to the quality of the insulation material. For example, if we can use 10, 20, 30 cattle to see if he can afford it, of course, The greater the effort, the better. For testing the compressive resistance of this material is the same, using the same machine, set a certain parameter to test, the greater the force that can withstand the better.


Aluminosilicate insulation material construction process

In the construction of wall aluminum silicate insulation materials, the doors and windows of the external walls have been basically installed, and the water and the circuit have been connected. Before the construction workers can use special equipment to configure the aluminum silicate insulation material. Then, the basic wall surface is treated. Firstly, a special interface mortar is applied on the surface of the wall surface. Then, the prepared aluminum silicate insulation material is applied on the surface of the mortar, and after the drying, Baidu, flatness, and sag are performed. Degree of correction and acceptance, and then the surface of a layer of cement mortar curing layer.

What should be noticed in the application process of aluminum silicate insulation material

First of all, keep the walls clean and flat before construction, and pay attention to the gap between the doors, windows and walls to be filled and compacted. When the moisturizing material is wiped, the pressure is not too great, so as not to affect the insulation performance, and it is not possible to dry the wall. The mixed use of the materials and the new configuration will generally not be selected for construction in rainy weather.

Editor's summary: The above are some of the considerations in the construction of the aluminum silicate insulation material in the wall, as well as the specific construction process methods, the quality of the aluminum silicate insulation material construction will directly affect the insulation of the entire building. Therefore, in the construction process, construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the construction process and standards, so as to improve the acceptance rate of construction projects.

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