Fall Fire Safety Encyclopedia

Fall Fire Safety Encyclopedia

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After the beginning of autumn, rainfall in most parts of the country decreased, and the temperature remained high. Dry weather combined with heat accumulation on the surface reached a peak. People used electricity, gas, and fire to pay attention to reasonable use. If the operation is careless or improper , it is extremely easy. Fire accident. China Rescue Equipment Network reminds that in the autumn of fire prevention, it is necessary to regularly clean smoke pipes, and secondly, to properly store explosives. Thirdly, fire-fighting mosquito coils should be kept away from combustibles at night.

The following is a compilation of an autumn fire safety summary:

1 , do not play with fire, do not tamper with electrical equipment. Household appliances or electrical wiring fire, cut off the power first, and then water or fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing can not be charged directly to splash, or to prevent electric shock electrical exploded wounding. At the same time, do not arbitrarily and unwittingly connect the wires, use a safe fuse, and use copper wire instead of a fuse.

2. Keep incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and combustibles at a safe distance of at least 0.5 meters ; do not use flammable materials such as cloth and paper for lampshades; the wires near the lamps with poor heat dissipation conditions should be protected by heat-resistant insulating jackets. . At the same time, ensure that the electrical appliances have sufficient heat dissipation conditions. Do not place any combustible items such as curtains, clothing, books, etc. around the TV, air conditioners, computers, heaters, and refrigerators.

3 , before leaving home or going to sleep , must use electricity appliances off, turn off the gas switch, eliminate the remaining fire. When the power equipment is not used for a long period of time , switch off or remove the latch. In addition, do not use electric hot rods, hair dryers, induction cookers and other appliances in the absence of people, pay attention to people to cut off the power.

4. Once you get home , you must keep calm. Of the beginning of the fire, the fire point near should quickly clean fuel, and quickly using bedding, water, and other simple control and fighting fire fighting equipment. Do not rush to open the doors when the fire, to avoid air convection, accelerating the spread of fire. Mainly to deal with prevention, often check the electrical circuit for damage, short circuit, poor contact and other failures, found problems and timely maintenance.

5 , the use of liquefied petroleum gas, coal stoves and other open fire stoves should have a separate place to maintain good ventilation, and keep at least one meter away from the combustibles. Immediately after the discovery of the fire, call the fire number 119, stating the detailed address, the location of the fire, the number of fire materials, the size of the fire, leaving the name and telephone number , and sending someone to the intersection to welcome the fire engine.

6 , to develop good fire habits, do not randomly throw cigarette butts and matchsticks. Household fire extinguishers should be provided in the home. Portable fire extinguisher common use: the upper hand direction, pulling the fire extinguisher safety pin, holding the nozzle, the flame root aligned, the upper handle extinguisher depressed about fire, fast forward, until the flame is extinguished.

7 , to master the basic methods of fire escape , clear the surrounding environment of the house , familiar with the escape route. The fire comes to quickly escape, not reluctant to property, so as not to lose the opportunity to escape. Escape the way, do not carry heavy objects, after fleeing the scene, not to risk return fire.

8. When the fire escapes , keep calm and correctly estimate the fire. If the fire is small , it should be judged , put on soaked clothes, bedding, etc. to escape to the safe exit. Do not take the elevator when you are away. Should be readily escape door closed behind him, prevent smoke tailgating.

9 , the body caught fire , do not run around , can be rolled on the spot or with heavy clothing pressure fire extinguishing seedlings. When escaping through the smoke , cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, handkerchief, etc. , try to keep the body close to the ground , bend over or squat.

10. When the stairs invade a large amount of smoke and cannot escape , you can use the corridor or roof to find another evacuation route , or you can return to the balcony or roof platform to wait for rescue.

11. Downstairs caught fire . Upstairs residents should not open the door to watch or hurry to go downstairs to escape . They must close the door and use the soaked sheets, curtains, etc. to block the door or stick the tape. If the door is hot , splash water to cool it.

12. If the escape route is blocked by the fire , you can move to the balcony or to the window of the ladder truck , and send a distress signal by using a flashlight, waving clothes, or calling . Waiting for rescue.

13. Don't blindly jump when building a fire. The following three rope or the building may utilize sheets, curtains torn section, form a rope, sash tied tight, heating pipes and other fixtures, to escape from the window. High-rise residential buildings should be equipped with descending devices, ropes and other escape devices.

This article is edited and compiled by China Rescue Equipment Network. Please indicate the link.

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