Automatic labeling machine common troubleshooting method

Automatic labeling machine common troubleshooting method

With the automatic labeling machine put into the market, it can be seen in all major factories, but we all know that one cent of mechanical equipment will inevitably fail during use, so how to deal with it in normal work Some common faults?

1. The bottle screw is misplaced. When this happens, we need to use a wrench to loosen the fastening bolts, adjust the rotating screw to the best position, first tighten a bolt, jog the observation effect, and tighten the other bolts when the position is right;

2. The labeling paper is skewed. At this time, we should adjust the height of the label box according to the position of the label paper on the target board;

3, the top label tearing. If this problem occurs, we need to adjust the thickness of the rubber film; check whether the movement of the label is consistent and adjust. In the process of using the automatic labeling machine, we will generally encounter these problems. As long as the above processing can basically solve the problem, if there is a big fault in the device itself, you can contact the manufacturer to deal with it. The longevity of a device depends on the usual daily maintenance, so we should always maintain the automatic labeling machine in daily life to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Label: Common labeling machine common troubleshooting method

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