Yu Yaolong smart lock three functions introduced

Yu Yaolong smart lock three functions introduced

Yuyao Dragon smart lock has a 5A drill-type touch screen, the latest and most advanced password anti-peeping technology; the latest keyboard uses Apple mobile phone level touch principle; password touch screen optimization and other core, science and technology cast quality, highlight the perfect interpretation of status, use safety, Convenient and fast, the following is a detailed introduction to the functions of the next jade dragon.

First, convenient

1, can be fingerprint, password, mechanical key combination of various ways to open the door (remote control optional custom)

2. To avoid the danger of key-taking and the danger of losing the key, you only need to take a fingerprint and open the door with a single press.

3,304 All-Stainless Steel GB Lock Body Wide versatility, 90% security door easy to install.

4, voice navigation reminder: to make the operation simpler and more humane, you can completely lose the instructions free voice prompt operation.


Second, reliable

1, the company has industry-leading professional equipment, modern manufacturing, testing equipment, to ensure superior product quality.

2. Bank-specific (Sweden FPC) living semiconductor fingerprint collector, the reliability verification of 135 brand banks worldwide.

3, the world's advanced living organisms (fingerprint) recognition, 0.5 seconds touch open the door.

4, double fast anti-theft 304 stainless steel lock body structure, interchangeable universal installation, regardless of inside and outside, product quality is more stable.

5, equipped with mechanical keys to open the door, never worry about.

6. Standby emergency power interface: When the battery is almost out of power every time the door is open, it will alarm to remind you to replace the battery. Even if it is completely dead, you can use emergency power to open the door.

Third, security

1, smart anti-peep, unique hypocrisy password design.

2. Anti-smashing alarm function: When a destructive force occurs, an alarm will occur.

3, low power alarm function: After opening the door there are voice prompts and screen prompts to replace the battery, when the battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, the recognition will be prompted to replace the battery after successful opening.

5, If you enter the password incorrectly 5 times, the system will automatically enter the protection function, automatically lock for 1 minute. No operation can be performed until it is released after 1 minute to prevent someone from trying a password.

The above is the jade dragon intelligent lock function introduced for everyone, to help everyone better understand the use of jade dragon intelligent lock, go out without worrying about the key, safety and security, and the appearance of fashion, is simply an essential helper family! Thank you for reading!

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