Decryption: The current popular peanut package is too long to control this year?

Decryption: The current popular peanut package is too long to control this year?

This year, peanut growers in some areas have reported that many peanut packages can't be controlled, is it a fake medicine?

Whether peanuts can control Wang and the output has a direct impact, so why can't control it? What factors are affected by peanut control? The author will do a detailed analysis for everyone:

Controlling Wang is affected by three factors: fertilizer, water, and package control drugs.

1. Fertilizer impact: The exact effect is nitrogen fertilizer.

Peanut has nitrogen-fixing function. Rhizobium can fix nitrogen in the air. Even 80% of peanuts need nitrogen fertilizer from fixed rhizobium. Therefore, peanuts do not need to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, especially in the middle and late stages. Long, the control can not control, the flowering node is high, can not form an effective needle.

Long-term research by umbrella agricultural technology experts found that:

The correct approach:

Apply 50 kg of fertilizer to 15-15-15 or 12-8-20, and use it with microbial agents if conditions permit. If the seedling grows slowly with yellow seedlings, it can be combined with foliar fertilizer plus 1-2% urea spraying. It can also be applied with about 10 kg per mu per mu. It is forbidden to apply urea after the flowering period and the lower needle period.

Wrong way:

The base fertilizer is used in a large amount and has a high nitrogen content. For example, use 100-10-10 high-nitrogen compound fertilizer per acre, or 50 kg of compound fertilizer and 20-30 kg of urea. In order to pursue the good looks of the leaves, some farmers found that when the peanut leaves were yellow, they applied urea. When they were in the seedling stage, they were chasing urea, and the flowering period was chasing urea. The more they pursued, the more prosperous, especially when the rain was heavy, the land with large urea consumption could not be controlled. Living in a long way, eventually leading to low production.

2. The impact of rain:

The second condition affecting the growth of peanuts is water. Many years of rain, it will lead to long-lasting peanuts, can not control the boom, the year of less rain, it will lead to good control effect, over-control. Therefore, rainwater is a key factor affecting the control of the market. In the year of heavy rain, it must be controlled twice.

Umbrella technicians recommend:

The correct approach:

After the full-year peanut flowering period in normal years, a large number of fruit needles are sprayed into the soil and the peanut control products are sprayed. When encountering rainy years, when the peanut height reaches 40 cm or more, even if there is not a large amount of fruit needles into the soil, it is necessary to spray the control products.

When spraying, focus on spraying the upper blade and sweep it over. Try not to spray it on the lower flower. After 10-15 days, carry out the second control, and strive to control the peanut height within 50cm. The control time of large fruit varieties can be appropriately advanced to 30-35cm. It is best not to control the small fruit varieties in advance. It is easy to cause small fruit and hard fruit in advance.

Wrong way:

It is not controlled according to the actual situation, and the rain is somewhat the same method of controlling the Wang. The rain does not undergo secondary control for a long time, resulting in a peanut height exceeding 60 cm.

The more erroneous approach is that the control time is not controlled in advance, resulting in small fruit and hard shell. In addition, after the peanuts are needled, it is not as good as watering when it is short of water. Especially when flooding with large water, the peanuts will grow after flooding, which will result in unsatisfactory control effect.

3. The impact of controlling products:

Now the main products of peanut control Wang have paclobutrazol, uniconazole, calcium acid replacement, chlormequat, ketamine, propiconazole and so on. There are also two combinations.

Uniconazole control is easy to rebound, chlormequat, ketamine, and propanolazole control effect is poor, can only control 2-5 cm, so the effect of applying the above control is poor.

Paclobutrazol, replacement of calcium acid, or a combination of the two, good control effect, but excessive application of paclobutrazol can lead to premature aging, but also affect the next crop. Even if paclobutrazol is used, it is necessary to change the acid calcium. In the years with more nitrogen fertilizer and more rain, it is necessary to control the calcium twice or even several times to achieve good results.

4. Limitations of package products

Peanut package is a product that the manufacturer produces in advance according to the physiological characteristics of peanuts, and many manufacturers have a formula that is universal or common in many markets. Therefore, the control products must take into consideration the safety and versatility, so the products controlled by Wang are generally in accordance with the state. The standard requires the addition.

If you add less, the effect of controlling Wang is not good, and the general manufacturers will not do so. Adding more, encountering a dry year will lead to small fruit, and may even prematurely decay later. Manufacturers will not do this.

Therefore, the peanut package control effect is generally no problem in normal years, the drought needs to be halved, and the rain needs more application.

The rational use of controlled products is an important manifestation of the level of peanut cultivation. According to the conditions of fertilizer, weather, water, and control products, the use of controlled products can be used in a good year and in a bad year. .

The Peanut Technical Service Team has been running around the country all the year round. It holds hundreds of technical conferences every year to guide farmers to use drugs rationally. Even so, the farmers we are exposed to are also a small part. Most of them rely on our dealer friends to teach farmers to use drugs rationally, increase income for farmers, contribute to the cause of high-yield peanuts, and contribute to the high yield of peanuts!

Text / Jiangsu umbrella technology department, the copyright belongs to the original author, please indicate the source of the article

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