Import and export control for extended applications in the industrial market

Import and export control for extended applications in the industrial market

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Import and export control for extended applications in the industrial market

From the perspective of the development of products and technologies, different types of access control systems have achieved different levels of breakthrough in their respective application areas, mainly in the areas of deepening technology, deepening system integration, and increasing market share. aspect:

"Access Control +" highlights the value of security management and efficiency

Under the trend of taking the overall solution to capture the industrial application market, the access control system is often selected to integrate with other subsystems due to the most secure “anti-fan” functional characteristics. The integrated objects include video surveillance systems and intrusions. Alarm system, perimeter detection system, fire alarm system, building automation system. The combined solution can integrate the functional advantages of two or more parties to better implement the original intention of anti-pipe, control and control. For example, once an event triggering an alarm is generated, a video surveillance system is signaled to provide real-time recording of the event site, and the associated access control system blocks the corresponding access channel.

In addition, based on the role of access control in identity and rights management, many companies will also work on personnel management through access control. The most typical is the close integration of access control and card system, to achieve access control, attendance, patrol, dining, consumption, fitness, medical, parking, book materials, conference sign-in, visitor management, elevator control management, office equipment management common settings.

Of course, through the seamless connection of access control, access, ladder control, parking lot, etc., it also has a significant effect on the improvement of the operational efficiency of the enterprise. ZKAccess President Larry Reed agrees very much, he said: "If the access control and parking lot The system integration allows employees to obtain access to the office when the car is parked in the correct parking space, and then integrate the elevator equipment so that employees can reach the destination floor more quickly. The access control system and the visitor management system can master the guests. The whereabouts of the company, whether it is to enter the parking gate of the office building, the revolving door to the elevator, the front door of the office, or even a personal computer, the faster the employees can enter the workplace, the more efficient the company's operations."

Three major changes in parking lot entrances and exits

According to the 2016 China Security Equipment Market Research Report, the market share of access control and parking lots in the field of entrance and exit control is 47% and 50% respectively, and with the continuous growth of urban vehicle ownership in the future, the occupancy rate of parking lot entrances and exits will be opened. Traditional access control has become more and more clear.

The current changes in the entrance and exit of the parking lot are mainly manifested in three aspects: 1) Due to the improvement of the license plate recognition rate, the entrance and exit control technology gradually replaces the IC card access method by the license plate recognition method; 2) the parking space guidance system is gradually improved by wireless ultrasonic technology. The development of video recognition technology; 3) The parking fee method is gradually paid by the traditional cash payment to self-service payment, UnionPay payment, PDA charging, WeChat, Alipay and other mobile APP. Under the concept of smart parking, the current focus of smart parking has gradually shifted from hardware technology to Internet parking applications. Among them, mobile payment has become a key breakthrough in the smart parking industry.

Smart door lock into the field of access control "black horse"

According to the "2017 China Smart Door Lock Industry White Paper" released by Analysys in June this year, the sales volume of China's smart door locks in 2009 was 1.97 million sets, while in 2016 it showed a rapid growth of 105.4%, and the market sales soared to 4.046 million. set. Smart door locks have risen rapidly in the past two years. A large part of the reason is that the smart door lock B-end market has matured. For example, smart door lock applications in commercial hotels and high-end real estates have already reached a considerable scale. The stage of sinking towards the C-end consumer market, coupled with the selling point of the smart door locks that can be connected to smart home applications, has further spurred the C-end consumer users' preference for smart door locks.

The white paper also shows that the current market share of smart door locks in China is less than 3%, which means that in the face of tens of millions of C-end consumers (in the family), smart door locks have broad market prospects in the future. The consumer-grade smart door lock, a blue ocean, has already attracted traditional lock manufacturers, emerging startups, security giants, and communications and home appliance manufacturers.

Internet stimulates access control port operation value

In addition to its own security function, the entrance and exit of the access control is gradually magnified. Among the four subsystems of security, the access control is the only one that is purchased by the B-end user and ultimately serves the C-end market. The subsystem is also the system with the highest frequency of C-end users. The high-frequency words mean large traffic, and the operational value is derived based on the traffic. This has long been a long-standing Internet company. Of course, the industry's access control equipment manufacturers are already aware. Towards, the business has extended its reach to the field of vertical management, based on the operation and management of the entrance and exit control, and tried to grasp the initiative in the scene-based ecosystem of access control and parking lots.

Cut into community operations from mobile phone access control

One of the important performances of the current smart community upgrade is whether the property management of the community has realized Internet applications, such as mobile phone access control, online payment, newspaper repair, etc., and the property service is directly presented in the community APP application. Access control is the first application of the owner to enter the community. Mobile phone access is undoubtedly the key configuration of the community service APP platform. Whether Internet access control vendors cut into community operations or integrated mobile access control applications in community operations platforms, mobile access control seems to be the best connection point for users and operating platforms.

Of course, community operations are often not a force, including the joint operation of multi-party roles, mainly Internet access control vendors, real estate developers, financial service providers, property companies and APP platforms, often with cooperation, shareholding or investment. The way to achieve resource synergy and joint operation. Around the owner's living needs, provide mobile phone access control, living water and electricity natural gas payment, installation and repair, express delivery, housekeeping laundry and community services, further direct supermarket delivery, decoration, social neighbors, and even provide financial management, insurance credit And other services. Mobile access control introduces key user traffic for advanced community services, and on the basis of traffic, there is the possibility of subsequent community operations.

Cut into smart business from the entrance and exit of the parking lot

Traditional commercial shopping plaza parking mainly bears parking fees and management functions, but with the continuous development of technology, the introduction of full video recognition technology, full video parking guidance technology, indoor positioning navigation technology, mobile Internet technology, commercial parking gradually platform, cloud Development and wisdom.

In the industry, the import and export control manufacturers have successfully integrated the parking link into the operation of the mall operation and the operation of the membership system. Through the smart APP client, the car owner can realize the parking space reservation, parking (video identification), finding the car (indoor positioning and navigation), and self-help. Witness (WeChat, Alipay and other financial payment systems), smart parking experience such as one-button lock. In addition, combined with the shopping scene of the shopping mall, the owner can also obtain the instant discount information of the merchant at any time through the APP client during the consumption process, and enjoy the experience of deducting the parking fee for the shopping credit.

From parking linkage to consumption, it not only enhances the owner's (consumer) enjoyment experience, but also creates a smart management and operation environment for the business center management operators, improves the management operation efficiency, and promotes the innovation transformation and business income of the business center. overall enhancement.

And this innovative application from the B-end to the C-end, as Zhou Tiegang, director of the product center of Shenzhen Jieshun Technology Co., Ltd. said: "By providing a good operating environment for B-end users to give C-end users better. The user experience, from the B end to the C end, is a conductive process and just forms an ecosystem."

The ecological circle described by Zhou Tiegang is not limited to a specific vertical field. “The ecological operation system is arranged around the scene of smart parking. At the same time, smart communities, smart parks, and urban smart parking are all brought together, owners, owners and consumers. C-end users, such as citizens, form a cloud ecological layout based on people, cars and the environment," he said.

Of course, whether it is from the Internet access control to the smart community or from the parking lot entrance and exit to the smart park, smart business and other fields, mobile Internet-based access control and smart parking lot innovation applications are undoubtedly moving from the hardware system to the next link - service operations At the stage, Chen Qingquan, product director of Shenzhen Bosini Electronics Co., Ltd. said: "From access control and entrance to the operational market, a lot of capital and technical investment are required. These are of course development trends, but they are not easy to play with lightweight players. The place of transfer. The industry characteristics of its heavy operation have led to BAT being still in the wait-and-see stage. These “windows” are mainly due to the full combination of access control, convenient payment, smart phone platform and license plate recognition technology, making service operation an option. But whether this option is excellent or not, it is not known."

Indeed, for traditional access control and access control equipment manufacturers, the hardware market and service operation market have great market differences. Perhaps service operation is not the expertise of the manufacturers, but the current industry development is more and more obvious. This new direction is pointed out in the industry field that was originally limited to tool applications. It drives the pace of development of traditional hardware vendors in a timely manner, and jointly promotes access control and import and export markets to achieve industrial upgrading!

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