Fushun stricken area: armed police unearthed more than 400,000 yuan in cash

Fushun stricken area: armed police unearthed more than 400,000 yuan in cash

Money is installed in the bank's safe. The armed police also helped nearby residents to dig more than 20,000 yuan in money.

Will more than 400,000 cash safes be washed away by the flood?

In the past few days, a bank in the disaster-stricken area of ​​Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, has been worried. Yesterday, the soldiers helped the bank to unearth more than one meter deep in the mud!

Due to the presence of large amounts of silt, armed policemen began to help everyone clean up.

At 15 o'clock yesterday, when a dozen soldiers were preparing to clean up a bank, the bank’s staff found them saying that because the flood came too quickly, more than 400,000 yuan of cash was buried in the house at the time. Can get it out.

A staff member told the reporter that the more than 400,000 yuan money was in the safe, and did not know that it was still not in the bank. In addition to this safe, some cash, bank cards, passbooks, etc. were buried. In the mud.

At 15 o'clock yesterday, the reporter saw in the bank that more than a dozen armed police officers and soldiers were dredging, but compared with the usual situation, they did not hold iron shovels in their hands, but they were armed with more than a dozen deep silts. A little bit out.

Armed police, a squadron soldier Sun Bin of the Liaoning Provincial Corps told reporters that because of knowing that there are cash and safes, the money is also wet. If you use iron shovels, it is easy to damage the money, so everyone had to clean it by hand.

Because it is difficult to move in silt, it is not easy to take money out of silt and it will be ruined by accident. However, they may also fall, so they have adopted a method where the two fight together and the soldiers behind hold the front soldiers. At the waist, the soldiers in front went to the 1 meter deep mud to find cash, just like the fish in the river.

The reporter noticed that because there was no electricity, the light in the bank was very dim, so it was very difficult for the soldiers to clean up.

However, with the continuous advancement, several safes have been dug out of the mud in the office area of ​​the bank’s salespersons. After being identified by the bank’s staff, one of the safes contained the 400,000 yuan. Money.

At the same time, the soldiers also digged more than 10,000 yuan in cash, bank seals, passbooks, and more than 30 bank cards and other important items.

Afterwards, the bank’s staff made an inventory of the cash and various items in the safe, and saw that more than 400,000 cash in the safe was safe, and the bank’s staff’s heart fell to the ground.

"If there weren't these fighters, the money couldn't be estimated to be dug out so quickly," said a bank employee.

Although all the money was found, due to the current inaccessibility of foreign vehicles, the money transfer became a problem, so the bank also asked the Liaoning Armed Police Corps to allow the soldiers to transfer their money safely.

In addition, at the bank’s diagonally opposite gate, armed police soldiers also helped an old man dig more than 20,000 yuan in silt. A villager told the reporter that the old man saw the money was dug out and cried twice before. With any hope, I did not expect to find it, so the old man is very grateful to the soldiers.

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