Acrylic cabinets good or bad acrylic counter cabinets

Acrylic cabinets good or bad acrylic counter cabinets

At present, the countertops on the market are mostly made of quartz, artificial stone, solid wood, stainless steel and acrylic. The acrylic countertops are the darlings of the moment. Then the acrylic countertops are good , and what is the best in the acrylic countertops? What are the disadvantages ? Today's furniture network small series for everyone to talk about.


1, what is the acrylic countertops

Acrylic cabinets countertops are made of acrylic (PMMA) as the matrix, ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide as the filler of the table, is a kind of artificial stone countertops. Acrylic cabinet with higher surface hardness, better toughness, can do bending, but also has excellent weather resistance and mechanical properties, in the case of large temperature difference will not produce natural cracking, and acrylic with high transparency, The light transmission rate reaches 92% and it has the reputation of "plastic crystal".

2, the advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic counter

Acrylic cabinet countertop advantages:

Acrylic cabinet countertop surface when used has the advantage of other countertops, acrylic countertops clean and smooth surface without pores, its strong stain resistance, clean and simple care, acrylic countertops in the visual effects of colorful rich, with natural stone texture and Ceramic-like gloss, but also has the advantages of texture corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, pressure resistance, penetration resistance, impact resistance, good plasticity, etc., can be truly seamless when used, shape changeable repairability Extremely strong, artificial stones do not have any radioactive elements compared to natural marble.

Acrylic cabinet countertop defects:

Acrylic cabinets have a slightly poorer surface hardness and quartz stones, such as rough objects on the table friction, easy to destroy the brightness of the table. Composite acrylic high temperature to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature of 120 degrees, but can not be exposed to overheated objects for a long time.


How to compound acrylic countertops

There are two kinds of acrylic countertops in the current market, one is a pure acrylic countertop and the other is a composite acrylic countertop. The composite acrylic countertops are modified with high-quality unsaturated resin and MMA. The artificial stone produced with ultrafine aluminum hydroxide as filler is a composite acrylic artificial stone. The confluent aluminum hydroxide filler is vacuum cast and the stone has good toughness and can withstand large temperature difference without cracking.

The following are some of the features of the composite acrylic countertops:

1. Composite acrylic is a solid surface material, non-porous, non-permeable, good toughness, resistance to yellowing;

2. Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, countertops that can be in direct contact with food;

3, have strong resistance to water, oil, pollution, bacteria, easy to clean;

4, feel warm, hot and cold resistance, impact resistance, durable, not deformed;

5, good flexibility, strong plasticity, can be heated to bend forming, to better meet the customer's creative ideas;

6, each style is equipped with the same color glue, the plate can be seamless stitching;

7. The color of the composite acrylic countertops is rich and colorful, with light yellow, white Antarctica, milk white and so on, which can meet various cabinet design requirements, allowing you to freely use your imagination.

By the above, small details to introduce some information about Acrylic cabinet table and how good composite acrylic countertops cabinets and other related issues, we can ensure that the cabinet table for acrylic and composite acrylic countertops cabinets have a more clear understanding.

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