Disassembly and installation of the coupling

Disassembly and installation of the coupling

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Disassembly and installation of the coupling

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Disassemble the process opposite to the installation; the intent of the two is different. The installation process assembles the coupling according to the installation requirements; the coupling can transmit torque safely and reliably. The disassembly is usually due to equipment problems. Or the coupling needs its own repair; the coupling is disassembled into parts. The degree of disassembly is usually determined according to the maintenance requirements; some only need to disengage the two shafts of the joint; some do not just need to fully couple the shaft Differentiation; the hub should also be taken off the shaft. There are many types of couplings; the layout is different; the disassembly process of the coupling is different; in this case, some of the requirements of the coupling disassembly work are mainly analyzed. problem.
Because the coupling gear and the oscillating shaft are tightly connected (interference cooperation); and the space inside the flange is better than that of the cockroach. For this reason; we have described a special kind of dismantling; It is also convenient and useful. The coupling itself needs to be disassembled; firstly, the coupling should be carefully and carefully examined (especially regarding the coupling that is now damaged); the cause of the problem should be ascertained.
Before the coupling is disassembled; make some marks for the mutual cooperation between the components of the coupling; for reference when reassembling. Couplings for high-speed machines; the coupling bolts are weighed; The symbol needs to be clear; it cannot be mistaken.
When disassembling the coupling, the coupling bolts are usually removed first. Due to the accumulation of a layer of grease, corrosive products and other deposits on the outer surface of the thread; the bolts are not easy to disassemble; especially for the bolts with severe corrosion; it is very difficult to disassemble. It is necessary to pick the right things for the disassembly; the stress on the outer hexagon or the inner hexagon of the bolt is now slipped and damaged; it is more difficult to disassemble the meeting. The bolts that are now more corroded or greased; often with solvents (such as Loose rust agent) Spray the joint between the bolt and the nut; let the solvent enter the thread; this will be easily disassembled.
In the process of coupling disassembly; the most difficult task is to remove the hub from the shaft. The hub for the key connection; usually with a three-legged pull or a four-leg pull. The selected puller should be the shape of the hub. The scale is the same; the right angle hook of each foot of the horse is suitable for the connection with the rear side of the wheel; the slipping fantasy does not occur when the force is applied. This method is only used for the disassembly of the smaller than the smaller than the interference; Wheels; often use heating method; perhaps cooperate with hydraulic jacks to disassemble.
The removal, finishing and quality assessment of all parts of the coupling is an extremely important task after the coupling is disassembled. The evaluation of the parts means that each part is after work; its scale, shape and nature of the data. The current situation is compared with the quality standards determined by the parts; it is determined which parts can be used continuously; which parts should be corrected and used; which are attributed to the parts that should be renewed.
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