Do you need to know several aspects of weak current engineering?

Do you need to know several aspects of weak current engineering?

Lehmann has been doing wireless monitoring for nearly 10 years. He often hears friends from engineering firms complaining: The project was done and the feedback was not good. Many of them were once and there was no second cooperation; the project received less and less. ......
We all know that monitoring engineering is also an accumulated process. Which includes your word of mouth. As the saying goes, it is very difficult to get a customer, but losing a customer is easy. Good word of mouth, natural opportunities flow constantly. The word of mouth is flawed, so the chances are naturally less and less.
Where does word of mouth come from? Quality, service, professional. The most important of these is quality.
First, do not choose some equipment without quality assurance in order to save costs.
Many engineering contractors’ friends do not care too much about the quality of the product for cost considerations. More attention is paid to the price. After hearing our quotation, the first feedback is why it is so expensive, but a treasure is just how much money. For this, we just want to say that the water of a certain treasure is too deep. If you are not afraid of endless problems, go for it. We prefer to explain for price for a while, and are not willing to spend a lifetime on quality issues.
Second, product quality determines your service.
Good quality, natural customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction, the project are all happy, and natural service is no less difficult. On the contrary, poor quality, the number of problems that occur, and the better service, will inevitably lead people not to buy it. And patience is also limited, as time passes, the two do not look cool.
Third, quality directly determines the after-sales.
Good quality, like LeAnn’s wireless monitoring, can be said to have no worries after the sale. Basically no maintenance. If you choose a Po product, three days and two problems, you are struggling to run around, but customers are also complaining. If this continues, who would dare to find you to do the project.
With the above analysis, I believe that everyone has found the problem? Maybe you use good equipment, the overall cost is higher, some customers will hesitate, but in the long run, it is beneficial and harmless.

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