What are the characteristics of Chinese-style wall background What are the common materials of Chinese-style background wall?

What are the characteristics of Chinese-style wall background What are the common materials of Chinese-style background wall?

The Chinese style wall has been flexibly designed with some traditional Chinese elements, such as flowers, birds, fish, classic calligraphy, etc., reflecting a realm of charm. Speaking of Chinese style, let's understand what is under the backdrop of Chinese characteristics, Chinese style backdrop common material content of it!

What are the characteristics of Chinese style wall

1. The Chinese style wall can be simply summed up with classical and elegant words, and it also has strong national characteristics. This type of background wall is mainly based on vermilion and brown, showing the dignity and elegance of the Chinese style wall.

2. In addition, the Chinese style background wall is not only a simple accumulation of classical elements, but it is through the understanding of traditional culture. Combine modern elements with traditional elements to create a backdrop that fits with modern aesthetic concepts.

3, this style of decoration is also a feature that pay attention to symmetry, requiring beautiful interior decoration, symmetry. And using natural decorative materials, using classical elements to create a Zen-style rational and peaceful environment.

4. The Chinese-style background wall is often accompanied by Chinese ceilings, giving people a three-dimensional and grand feeling. However, according to the height of the house, ceilings can also be used. If the house is relatively short, simple ceiling lamps can be used.

What are the common materials of Chinese wall background

1, wooden materials

Wood material is a very wide range of materials used in the decoration process, it can be used in doors and windows, wardrobes, furniture and so on. In recent years, many consumers have used it as a decoration for Chinese-style walls, because it has a wide range of varieties and prices are quite affordable. The use of wooden materials as background walls is very much in line with Chinese-style decoration, and it is also very convenient to clean the walls.

2, wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most common background wall decoration material. At the same time, it is also used in Chinese style wall decoration. The main advantage of wallpaper is its colorfulness and diversification of pattern types. Moreover, wallpaper is relatively environmentally friendly and the construction is simpler.

3, paint

The color of the paint is very bright, and it is very eye-catching with a cleverly designed decorative wall. For example: art spraying, it is very good for decorating the background wall, contrasting with different colors, highlighting the characteristics of the background wall.

4, artificial stone

Nowadays, many families like to use artificial stone as a background wall to display the ever-changing natural texture. Artificial stone decoration effect is very unique, can be used in a personal style, and this material also has sound insulation, flame retardant, thermal insulation and other characteristics, but the artificial stone wall as a whole high cost, construction is more trouble.

5, glass

Some people choose glass or metal materials for the decoration of Chinese style walls. They will appear brighter and more graded, and they will be cheaper in terms of price, but the difficulty of construction will increase.

Xiao Bian concludes: The characteristics of the Chinese style wall and the content of the material are briefly introduced to this, and I hope to help everyone! The Chinese style wall is usually more suitable for the decoration style of the elderly, so if you have an elderly person at home, you can consider it!

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