Steps to install the house introduce the order of renovation

Steps to install the house introduce the order of renovation

As we all know, the renovation of the house is a far-reaching thing for every owner. However, because most of the decoration companies are doing a lot of work for the owners to decorate their houses, many owners have chosen to decorate their houses. So, what is the order of renovation? Here we take a look at the steps to install the house !

1. House installation steps - pre-design

The content of the pre-decoration design includes: 1. Clearly the area involved in the renovation; 2. Determine the size of the wall.

2. Steps to install the house - the main demolition reform

The demolition of the main body is the first step in renovation construction. Its main projects include: shoveling wall coverings, changing steel windows, dismantling walls, building walls, and so on.

3. House installation steps - hydropower reform

Hydropower renovation is one of the most important aspects for owners in the entire renovation process, so owners should take care of every detail of hydropower reform.

4. Install the house steps - carpentry, bricklayers, oil workers

Carpenters, bricklayers, and oil workers are the "three brothers" of construction. The correct order is: carpentry, bricklayers, and oil workers.

5. House the steps - paving

Because the technology of paving bricks is very important, this link generally needs to be completed by a master who has more than ten years of experience. Otherwise, it will cause a series of troubles.

6. Install house steps - brush wall paint

Brush wall paint mainly refers to the completion of the basic wall surface treatment, brush finish, furniture painting and so on.

7. Install the house steps - kitchen ceiling

The kitchen and bathroom ceilings and cabinet ceilings directly determine the aesthetics of the house decoration, so the owners must strive for excellence in its brand selection.

8. House installation steps - cabinet installation

Under normal circumstances, cabinet installation can be completed within one day.

9. House installation steps - wooden door installation

When the wooden door is installed, door locks, floor suctions, and hinges must be installed, so the owners must prepare the relevant hardware accessories in advance.

10. House installation steps - floor installation

Under normal circumstances, this item of floor installation can be completed within one day.

11. Loading house steps - paving wallpaper

If the conditions permit, you can do some maintenance on the floor while paving the wallpaper, and the wall should try to do "nothing."

12. House installation steps - radiator installation

Radiator is essential for every family, but it should be noted that the radiator can only be installed after the wallpaper is laid.

13. House installation steps - switch socket installation

The switch socket installation is a link that the owners need to pay attention to. Generally, it is sufficient to determine the installation position of the switch socket according to their own needs.

14. House installation steps - lighting installation

After the fixtures are installed, the feeling of the home comes out.

15. House installation steps - hardware sanitary installation

After the hardware and sanitary fixtures are installed, the owners will feel very satisfied.

16. House Steps - Installation of Curtain Rods

The installation of curtain rods means the basic end of home improvement.

17. House Steps - Furniture Entry

Owners must be aware of the size of the furniture, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble.

18. House installation steps - home appliance approach

After the appliance came into the house, the house decoration was completed.

Editing summary: What is the order of renovation? I believe everyone has seen the steps to install the house . If you want to learn more about the decoration of the house, you can continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content!

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