Office Decoration Design Tips How to Renovate Different Offices

Office Decoration Design Tips How to Renovate Different Offices

Unlike office decoration and home improvement, it focuses on a corporate image. Because the office is a place for handling specific affairs, it is necessary to highlight the corporate culture, image, etc., in the decoration design, and it is not a space for a person or a family. How can the office be renovated? Let's take a look at the office decoration design and the decoration of different offices.

Office decoration design notice

The office decoration mainly focuses on the office environment. When designing, employees must take into consideration the emotional, psychological and physical needs of the employees, especially the issues of security, privacy and publicity. If it is designed as an open office space, it allows office workers to see the scenery outside the window, and it can also enhance people's sense of orientation.

Therefore, the spatial design of the office is based on human behavior and psychology. It should include individual behaviors such as reading, thinking, resting alone, waiting, and group behaviors such as meetings, negotiations, reception, and collaboration.

The office decoration must take into account its role, that is, to provide different spatial designs for different behaviors, so that each space can be used to its fullest potential. Of course, planning should also consider the combination and division of office functions. It's easy to use in every office space.

How different offices can be renovated

1. President 's office renovation

The office decoration of the president is the most exquisite in all office space. First, it is best to open the front door in the left front of the seat, and then it should be at the top, should be separate from the manager's office, it is best not to co-exist in a room, otherwise it is prone to power Problems such as contending, coordination is not easy, the area should not be too large, the line of entry into the room should also be smooth, the preferred company's last party position, has control of the command and scheduling role.

2. Closed staff office renovation

Its layout should be arranged according to the work process, planning the position of each staff member and the placement of office equipment, as well as the reasonable arrangement of channels, so as to better solve the inconvenience and interference caused by the movement of people. Especially in the large office space where there are many employees and departments are centralized, multiple closed employees' offices must be designed along the way to facilitate centralized management by departments.

3. Open staff office renovation

The Open Staff Office is an open space where there are several employees and managers working together, also known as the landscape staff office. Its layout is generally irregular, because it is laid out according to the workflow and landscape requirements of various professions, emphasizing equality and freedom among employees, and also emphasizing the function of information exchange. It is flexible and helps to simplify management.

4. Unit staff office decoration

The unit staff office mainly uses the large open space of modern architecture. Its office equipment can be interchanged and disassembled, and it must be closely combined with computers, fax machines, printers, etc. to form a personal office workstation. It can also be designed. Some low partitions, while taking privacy into consideration, do not obstruct the line of sight and allow employees to communicate with each other.

Editor's Note: The above is about the office decoration design instructions, and how different offices should be decorated, I hope the small editor can provide some reference for everyone. If you want to learn more about this, you can follow our website.

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