The advantages and disadvantages of living room ceiling fan light

The advantages and disadvantages of living room ceiling fan light

Ceiling fan light It is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, green and healthy household appliances. As a popular household appliance, before we renovate it, we will find out what advantages and disadvantages the ceiling fan lights have in the living room through various methods. Let's take everyone here to find out today.

Living room ceiling fan light is good

The usage of ceiling fan lights in some European and American countries is very high. It can not only illuminate but also increase the indoor and outdoor air circulation, making our living environment fresh and breathable. It is very popular because it is versatile and value for money. In addition, we must consider the height and basic structure of the living room. If the height of the living room is lower than 2.6 meters, people feel depressing and have security risks. If the living room is constructed without a keel, it is not recommended to install a ceiling fan light. Therefore, whether or not the ceiling fan light is installed in the living room must be selected according to the actual situation.

The advantages of living room ceiling fan light

1. The ceiling fan light is a motor made of high-quality silicon steel sheet. The electromagnetic effect will be better, and the noise will be small and relatively quiet. Its blade is more secure with its wooden blades, and its low- and medium-speed speed control is used to save energy.

2. The ceiling fan light has forward and reverse switch design. In the summer, you can set the positive direction, which can help the air conditioner to increase the flow of air-conditioning and reduce the power consumption. In winter, you can set the reverse direction. You can press down the hot air that rises inside the room, making people feel no wind, but it also increases the circulation of air, and it can also increase the convection of the heating and balance the indoor heat.

3, ceiling fan lights have remote control functions, and even some remote control also has the role of sleep timing, is very conducive to use at night, and operation is very simple and quick.

The disadvantages of living room ceiling fan lights

1. There are many styles of ceiling fan lights on the market. Of course, the quality is certainly good or bad, which makes it difficult to distinguish which quality is better and which is slightly worse. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to understand and select. To be both beautiful and practical, it takes a lot of effort to select.

2, ceiling fan light installation environment is more complicated. It is recommended to install ceiling fan lights and do not install ceilings. The pattern of living on high floors will not be too high. It will be very depressing when the ceiling is installed.

3, ceiling fan light is a combination of fan and light, the light is not good control. Most people responded that the ceiling fan light would be dazzling at first, especially at night, and it was weaker than the light directly installed on the ceiling.

Article summary: The above is a good living room ceiling fan light , it has some advantages and disadvantages of some related presentations, hope that you can use this information to buy the favorite products, and remind everyone to try to choose a brand well-known ceiling fan lights, Quality is guaranteed.

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