Pvc buckle ceiling installation steps pvc buckle ceiling characteristics

Pvc buckle ceiling installation steps pvc buckle ceiling characteristics

The ceiling plays a very large role in home improvement, not only can play a decorative role, but also has the characteristics of sound absorption, heat insulation, moisture and so on. Although pvc ceilings are common, many people do not understand pvc ceiling installation procedures. Then, the next Xiaobian for everyone to introduce pvc plate ceiling installation steps and pvc buckle plate ceiling characteristics.

PVC ceiling plate installation steps

1, the line

Elevation lines can be popped around the walls first, then cement lines are used to fix the pressure lines at both ends of the wall. According to the standard height, the lines can be stretched around the walls and can be used as a standard line for the ceiling installation.

2, install the main beam

When installing the main beam, first fix the side keel along the marked line with cement nails, determine the position of the keel, and then install the keel. In addition, when installing the keel, pay attention to leaving the lighting line exit.

3, install wooden keel

When installing the wooden keel, the keel around the wall must be kept horizontal, ceiling spacing problem, not on the ceiling of the person is 1200 to 1500mm, the ceiling of the person is 900mm to 1200mm.

Pvc buckle ceiling features

1, light waterproof and acid and alkali

Pvc buckle board ceiling light weight, waterproof effect is good, but also has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance. This pvc ceiling is mainly installed in the kitchen, bathroom.

2, affordable

Pvc buckle ceiling price is relatively affordable, is a more popular decoration materials.

3, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

PVC buckle plate ceiling environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor, no stimulating effect on human skin, if the person allergic to the paint, choose pvc buckle ceiling is the most appropriate.

4, easy to install and remove

The pvc plate ceiling installation is easy to dismantle. If you need to update, just remove one end of the batten and pull the plate out of the batten, but be careful to minimize the color difference of the ceiling material of the PVC buckle plate.

Editor's summary: On the pvc pinboard ceiling installation steps and pvc pinboard ceiling features introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

PVC buckle plate pvc plate ceiling

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