Teach you the trick to eliminate the dark poison in the closet

Teach you the trick to eliminate the dark poison in the closet

Presumably, everyone has been familiar with formaldehyde for a long time, but in addition to inhaling a certain amount of formaldehyde, it can cause cancer. Formaldehyde is also an allergen. When the amount of formaldehyde released from the fiber to the skin exceeds a certain limit, it will cause reactive dermatitis. In mild cases, skin allergies, redness, itching and other symptoms may occur. In severe cases, coughing may occur continuously, which may lead to bronchitis and various allergies.

How to remove the dark poison on the clothes hidden in the closet? You can refer to the following methods:

1. The quilt and blanket that have been placed in the closet and bed drawer for a long time must be fully aired and used again;

2, the clothes can be rinsed as much as possible after rinsing, and it is not convenient to rinse and fully dry;

3. If there are children, pregnant women and frail elderly people in the family, it is more important to pay attention to the clothes placed in the closet, especially the wood-based wardrobe.

4. The formaldehyde release period in the wood-based panel is 3 years to 15 years. Some wardrobes that have been used for a period of time should also pay attention to the formaldehyde pollution of the clothes.

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