Shanghai Wedding Celebration Service Contract (2006 Edition) Demonstration Text

Shanghai Wedding Celebration Service Contract (2006 Edition) Demonstration Text

Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce

Shanghai Wedding Industry Association

Demonstration Text of Shanghai Wedding Celebration Service Contract (2006 Edition)

Contract No:

Receiver (Party A):

Service provider (Party B):

According to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers" and related laws and regulations, this contract was signed by both parties in agreement.

In order to clarify the content of the contract, please tick “√” in front of the items selected in this contract and the relevant clauses of the annex. Each item of this contract can be attached with a picture description if necessary.

The first service time and place

Wedding ceremony held on the date of the year

Location of the wedding ceremony venue: Urban Road No.

The second service item and remuneration

The total service remuneration is RMB yuan (in capital). Each of the sub-items (see Annex for content) and corresponding remuneration are as follows:

â–¡ Wedding car use yuan (uppercase)

â–¡ Makeup Service Element (Capital)

â–¡ Documentary photography (uppercase)

â–¡ Documentary camera (uppercase)

â–¡ Other service items (uppercase)

Article 3 Service Payment Period

In the first phase, Party A shall pay the % of the total service reimbursement within days from the date of signing the contract;

The second day before the payment;

The third period before the payment yuan.

Article 4 Service Principles

Party B shall strictly abide by the stipulations in the contract, and complete the service projects in a safe, effective, quality, and quantity manner.

Article 5 Party A's Liability for Breach of Contract

If Party A expressly expresses or expresses by its own actions that it does not pay the remuneration for the first period of service, Party B may unilaterally rescind the contract and Party A shall pay liquidated damages in % of the total service remuneration.

If Party A delays payment of service reimbursement, Party B may appeal to it to pay within days and Party A will be required to pay a breach of contract payment for the day/day of the unpaid item. If Party A still fails to pay when the deadline for exposing the contract expires, Party B may unilaterally terminate the contract and request Party A to pay breach of contract.

Article 6 Party B's Liability for Breach of Contract

If Party B expressly expresses or expresses its own behavior that it does not provide services, Party A shall have the right to request Party B to take remedial measures, continue to perform or unilaterally terminate the contract, and Party B shall be required to assume the liability for breach of contract and pay breach of contract damages. Party A has the right to request Party B to return all the money it has received.

If Party B does not provide sub-project services, Party A has the right to unilaterally release the sub-project service agreement, and requires Party B to assume the liability for breach of contract, pay liquidated damages, and request Party B to return all money received.

If Party B delays the provision of services, Party A shall have the right to request Party B to pay liquidated damages in accordance with the service yuan/hour.

If Party B fails to provide the service in accordance with the agreed requirements, Party A has the right to require Party B to pay liquidated damages in accordance with the service remuneration in %.

Article 7 Transfer of Contractual Rights and Obligations

If Party B is unable to perform the contract, Party A may transfer all or part of its rights and obligations in this contract to a third party. If the transfer causes Party A to suffer losses, Party B shall be responsible for compensation.

Article 8 Dispute Resolution

The dispute arising from this contract can be settled through negotiation or applied for mediation to the relevant industry association or consumer rights protection committee.

If the parties are unwilling to negotiate, mediate or negotiate, or fail to mediate, the following methods will be selected (this option also applies to the assignee of the contractual rights and obligations):

1. Apply to Shanghai Arbitration Commission for arbitration;

2. File a lawsuit with the People's Court.

Article 9 Entry into Force of the Contract

The attachment, supplemental agreement and change agreement of this contract shall be effective from the date of signature or stamp of the parties; the party exercising the unilateral right of cancellation shall notify the other party in written form and shall take effect on the date of the notification of the other party's service.

Article 10 Annex to the contract

The following annexes correspond to the conventions of Article 2:

â–¡ Annex I: Wedding Car Usage Agreement

â–¡ Annex II: Make-up Service Agreement

â–¡ Annex 3: Photography Services Agreement

â–¡ Annex IV: Camera Service Agreement

â–¡ Annex V: Other Services Item Agreement

The attachment of the contract should be signed by both parties and signed a specific date. If the parties agree otherwise, their contents shall include the contents of the above-mentioned contract attachments.

If the content agreed between the two parties in this contract is inconsistent with the contents of the above-mentioned annex, the annex shall prevail; after the signing of the contract, if the agreement signed by the parties is inconsistent with this contract, the separate agreement shall prevail.

In this contract, both parties A and B have their own copies.

Party A (signature):


contact address:

contact number:

Zip code:

Date: Year Month Day

Party B (signature):

Legal representative / person in charge (signature):

Business license number:

Place of residence:

contact address:

contact number:

Zip code:

Date: Year Month Day

Interpretation of Shanghai Wedding Celebration Service Contract

1, from the point of view of the service object, the wedding service industry has a wide range of social.

As a kind of large-scale consumption, wedding service involves millions of households and is closely related to the interests of the people and has extensive social influence. The level of wedding service is an important symbol to measure the quality of life of the people.

Regulating the wedding industry and prospering the wedding market are of great significance to effectively protecting the vital interests of the people, improving the quality of life of the people, and beautifying the lives and culture of the people.

2. From the perspective of the market players, the majority of private enterprises are employed companies.

From the current situation of the wedding industry in Shanghai, private enterprises account for more than 90% of the enterprises. On the positive side, private companies adapt to the mode of operation of the market economy. The mechanism is flexible, full of vitality and rapid development. On the negative side, since wedding services are a new industry, the wedding market is an emerging market, the market “game rules” have not yet been fully established, the market entry threshold for wedding services is low, and the scale of private wedding services is generally uneven. Small, most of them are in the stage of primitive accumulation of capital, and the profit-making activities of the business activities are plans. The incidents that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers have occurred frequently.

The Shanghai Wedding Industry Association aims to rectify the industry outlook, renew the industry's new trend, invigorate the industry's vitality, and promote the healthy development of the wedding industry. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been based on the Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese People. The Republic of Contract Law formulated the first “Trial Text for the Shanghai Wedding Celebration Service Contract” in the country. After more than one year of trial implementation, the formal joint revision of the contract was formally made in January 2006 by the Joint Trade and Industry Bureau Contract Office and the Consumer Protection Committee. The text of the subsequent contract will be more perfect, and will be officially introduced to the city with the “Model Text of Shanghai Wedding Ceremony Service”, which fills in the gap in the model text of the wedding industry contract. The contract details the rights and obligations of both parties, breach of contract responsibility and dispute resolution. .

1. The contract is premised on the specific object of the service object and the operation, and all the contents of the contract are executed according to the agreed documents. For example, the service level of the service personnel provided for the service object (ie, the level of the technical level) is specified, and the service personnel are clearly defined. Specific candidates (Consumers can use various channels to understand whether the service provider meets their needs to select service candidates, for example: the association's website () has a list of wedding service staff, grades and credit rating); The requirements of the service (such as the requirements of the server materials and the consumables, etc.) Select the service that suits the requirements of the entire process and make the contents of the services more clear.

2. Compared with the orders of wedding companies in the past, it is truly a change from “format” to “rationalization” and “fairness.” Formatting rules are pre-determined and cannot be changed, and are only beneficial to merchants. Consumers often encounter The "Overlord Clause" and the regulated "Contract" model really ensure the rights and interests of both parties, and they have strict binding force on both parties. The specific details of the service prices involved must be filled in with details, and detailed compensation must be provided. Rules. It is the most effective way to protect the quality of weddings and the most fundamental way to protect the rights of new people.

3. Another characteristic of this contract is that the service acceptance checklist for the contract is added, and various services on the day of the wedding can be checked and accepted according to various conventions of the contract to ensure timely feedback on each service condition and to better restrict each service personnel. The level of service and quality, the separation of responsibilities, and better supervision of the industry's continuous improvement in service quality.

4. One of the highlights of this contract is that it meets the variability of weddings. There are no two identical leaves in the world. There are no two identical weddings. The wedding service is usually scheduled 3 to 6 months ago. As the increase in the number of variables, this contract is very user-friendly and adds a service change agreement and supplementary agreement attachment, which increases the practicality and functionality of this contract.

5. The structure of this contract is characterized by specialization and completeness. For example, the contract stipulates nearly 20 items of the wedding service as attachments, which not only enlarges the coverage of the contract, but also adapts to the development of the market. Claim.

6. One of the biggest highlights of this contract is that photography, video, wedding cars, makeup, etc., which are prone to disputes in wedding activities, are individually divided into several specific attachments, and each service content is meticulously stipulated, such as the use of wedding cars that are most likely to cause disputes. The agreement specifies the requirements of the consumer to provide the brand, model, color, quantity of the wedding car, the condition of the spare car, the time of use, and the agreement of other expenses. In addition, a detailed compensation agreement is made for the breach of contract liability and accidents. It also reflects the fairness, humanity and rationalization of this contract.

to sum up:

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wedding consumption has gradually become a kind of mass consumption, and thus appears as an economic phenomenon, and as an economic phenomenon must follow the economic laws, 2006 is China's sixth entry into the WTO In the year, the market will gradually shift to internationalization. Many preferential policies for domestic domestic companies will be gradually withdrawn. Faced with challenges and opportunities, how do we face, grasp and respond to them is the most important task facing our industry associations in the near future.

Looking at the entire wedding market, the demand for weddings in China is growing at a high speed. The related service industry is in a period of vigorous development. However, because the time for the development of the industry is relatively short, the degree of specialization of the industry services is not perfect. The inevitable loopholes need to be solved. The related wedding industry in foreign countries has been developing for a relatively long period of time. Among them, a relatively complete profile has been formed through competition. We can selectively absorb and dialectically absorb from it.

As an association of this industry, our main responsibilities are to keep abreast of developments in the industry; to absorb advanced experience at home and abroad (for example, to participate in technical exchanges between the same industry to complement each other); to regulate industry behaviors (such as contract model texts led by members of this industry association). ) It not only protects the rights and interests of consumers, but also guarantees the legitimate rights and interests of businesses; it also monitors the development of the industry; solves problems arising from the development of the industry and enables the entire industry to continue to develop in a healthy and steady manner.

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