Should the refrigerator be deactivated in winter?

Should the refrigerator be deactivated in winter?

In the winter, many people think that the role of the refrigerator is less important because they need less food. Many households even need to unplug the refrigerator to save power. Some people think that this is not good for the service life of the refrigerator. Should the winter refrigerator be deactivated?

Experts pointed out that if the refrigerator is deactivated in winter, it will indeed reduce the life of the refrigerator. Because the plastic of the refrigerator liner is easy to age at normal temperature (after power failure) than at low temperature, continuous use can slow down the aging phenomenon and relatively extend the life of the refrigerator. In addition, the use of refrigerators without downtime will cause the freons that are not used in the refrigerator to directly corrode the refrigerator pipes and leak inside the refrigerator. From a health point of view, although the temperature is relatively low in winter, it is not stable enough, and the preservation effect is not as good as the refrigerator. Moreover, the power consumption of refrigerators in winter is only one-third of that in summer. If the refrigerator causes a major failure in the province, it will not be worth the candle.

There are still many people who feel that the refrigerator has been in a state of downtime in the winter, and it does not start. Even if the startup time is very short, the freezer room often cannot freeze things, making people think that the refrigerator is broken. This is actually caused by low temperatures in winter. This phenomenon can be avoided by opening the low temperature compensation switch placed in the refrigerator compartment.

Some families turn on the low temperature compensation switch, the startup time is normal, but the freezing effect is still not ideal, or some refrigerators are not equipped with low temperature compensation switch. At this time, the temperature controller can be raised by 1-2 gears.

Need to be reminded that many people's home appliances are broken, like to repair themselves first, it is impossible to find professionals. I don't know, this kind of practice will directly harm your life and health. It has been reported that a consumer repaired a refrigerator in his home. As a result, the refrigerator was not repaired, but it caused an explosion. Therefore, once the home appliance is faulty, it is best to find a professional maintenance staff in the regular unit to repair.

(Excerpt from Wanweijia Power Grid)

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